Sunday, May 13, 2018

Game Prep! (Promethean & Chill)

It's like Netflix and chill, except there's more body horror and less snoo-snoo.

Anyway! I'm running Promethean tomorrow and I'm running Chill next week, which means Blades and Night's Black can wait (I want to make a character today, too).

Think that's probably enough lead-in. On we go.


Ok, so last time went about like I wanted it to. I kinda wish there had been a little more interaction with the corset lady, but I kinda forgot how some of the Demon mechanics work (the Unchained don't really have a good way to detect other supernatural critters; they can read as human but not as "other"). All that means is that I need to get one of them talking to said demon, and I maybe have an idea about that. But first I want to recap where everyone was:

Feather, Enoch, Grimm, and Virgil are down in the basement looking at the Pilgrim mark, so I can probably expect them to do something related to that this time. I need to get them looking for the other ones...and, ooh, Grimm has a failed milestone relating to missing Pilgrim marks. Neat. So, we'll give him an Elpis vision, triggered by walking outside into the night air; he feels the city turning like great gears, but notes marks on the gears that line up as everything clicks into place, and the gears begin to strip. The marks form a rough rectangle. That should give them something to do.

Skip was sketching out a roof-rack for the van. Which, like...hrm. I need him to get out of his head and go do something. He's on Cobalus and he's following Provocateur, so he really should go out looking for things to provoke. He needs to nudge a Promethean into Torment, and honestly Grimm could use another Promethean to work with so he can justify that dot of Repute. Hmm. Is that gonna be too many Created, though? Well actually, there were just a few here a couple of months ago, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that someone was looking for the Jesse's throng and just missed them. Neat. We'll say this guy is Donnie Whiteside, because he'll work well for what I want to do and I have a sense of him already. Galateid, presently on Aurum pursuing Companion (badly). 

So he's looking for Jenny (still doesn't know her last name, but know that she's an OSU student). Jesse had agreed to meet him here but Donnie got sidetracked and got there late. So he wants help tracking her down, and he's kinda on the verge of Torment (one good rejection would do it). Jenny, for her part, is taking summer classes and living in off-campus housing. 

Avalon is drinking with the artists, and if things get out of hand the police might well get called, meaning that she might get arrested (especially if Disquiet kicks in), but she has to make that happen. What they'd charge her with is a question; maybe drunk & disorderly, but I don't know if I want her in that cell quite yet. 

Or, no, wait, got a better idea. 

Matt is at a LARP (it's vampire-themed, if not Vampire, because again, way too meta). I think I'd like him to talk to Jenna (the demon), do a little RPing, and then have the whole thing get crashed by Avalon's drunk artist buddies, who show up and start talking about sparkling and so forth. That'll give Avalon a chance to nudge people (and depending on where Skip is, him too) and it'll give Matt a chance to talk to the demon before things go weird, because if people start getting supernatural it's not like an angel might not show up. (Hella exciting!)


OK, so, we've got exciting things going on. There's this xaxog which hanging around near the ranch, and the envoys know that it probably was hanging out near the logging camp, but not that it's still around. I'm OK holding onto that for now. I'd kinda like to do something with one of the envoys that's Hunted, but the problem with that is that Rob has been so inconsistent in coming to games. Hmm. Do I roll those dice? It's that or I have them go after Willa's dad. 

I would do that, but I know that Sarah probably wants to play BB. Let's see, what have they fought so far? The Eye-Biter, trolls, an ajatar, the xaxog, and a scarecrow. It's looking to me like we need a classic monster, here - a vampire or a werewolf or something. 

OK, I got it. We're after Dylan's brother. This is gonna be set up in such a way that looks like an infective werewolf situation, but it's much worse than that (well, maybe not much worse, but worse). The "wolf that won't die" is a magical lycanthrope, and isn't going to be making an appearance in this case. It's a creature that possesses the ability to curse a person with lycanthropy, keeping him as a servant and an enforcer. Dylan's brother (whose name I don't have, but it's moot) has been missing for years at this point, and I'm sure that Dylan has despaired of ever finding him. The xaxog, though, wants to see misery, and it's aware of how SAVE views lycanthropes, so it lured the poor sod away from its master's control (I think that the Wolf That Won't Die has a big territory and won't notice its servant is missing until it gets back, at which point it might get mad at the xaxog, but eh). 

So anyway, here's Dylan's brother:

EWS: 65 (common)
REF: 85/45
STA: 90/50
Injury: Minor -10, Serious -20, Major -30, Critical -50, Lethal
Disciplines: Hunter's Mark, Shriek, Throw Voice
Aspects: Deadly Attack (bite/claws, Serious), Minion, Regeneration, Resilient, Shapeshifter, Special Weakness (wolfsbane), Supernatural Speed, Unkillable, Vigor

Special Weakness (wolfsbane): Aconitum, which grows around the ranch, can be mixed into a poison and used on darts or arrows (not bullets). One of these weapons can kill the werewolf instantly. 

Shapeshifter: Dylan's brother changes into a monstrous wolf at night. During the day he's human by default, but can change if forced to by his master (the xaxog can't make him do it). 

The werewolf is lethargic and confused in human form, retaining very little of his intellect. In wolf form, he's hungry and aggressive, acting more or less like a normal wolf except inclined to attack and eat people. 

So, I think this starts off with the cops coming to Dylan and asking him to identify a ring (his brother's, found in a field near D&D Kennels, about half an hour from the ranch. The owners of D&D, David and Denise Vetnor, heard howling and fighting last night, and in the morning they found a human finger in the trap (they set traps for coyotes, which isn't technically legal this close to the house, but a lot of people do it). 

There's a Reclaimed Lumber yard nearby; the foreman who worked late last night (Kyle Brandt) thought he saw someone walking through the field. He figured maybe he was drunk; the guy was staggering. Kyle went out with his light but couldn't find anything. 

Up the road at the sod farm, Roman Johnson can report hearing wolf howls lately. He claims he knows the difference between wolf and coyote (he's right, as it happens) but he's only heard one, which is unusual. He hasn't seen evidence of wolves - no kills or prints - but figures it's a matter of time. 

What actually happened: The xaxog lured Dylan's brother out here with Influence and led him right into a trap. He was actually hoping the guy would kill someone, but that hasn't happened yet. He's planning on leading the wolf to the envoys or vice versa, hoping to get some of them killed for being "infective." The truth of the matter is that Dylan's brother is curable; he needs the wolf's tooth cut out from under his skin (it's in his shoulder), and then a Mental Shield raised over him, and then some serious counseling. 

I think that'll do it for a start.