Sunday, April 15, 2018

Night's Black Agents: End of an Op (among other things)

Yesterday we ended an op in Night's Black Agents, but you know that because you read the title of this post and you're a smart person who can...know things.

(I'm tired and my ankle hurts and I'm running Chill in a few hours bear with me.)

Anyway! Last time the agents had taken over the prison transport plane that they were on. Now they're headed over the Faroe Islands, and they realize that they have just enough fuel to get to the mainland, but the pilots dumped a bunch before the agents breached the cockpit. And, of course, they're being tracked.

Gambone disables the transponder with Parker's help, and the agents talk about their options. They could do a water landing, but that leaves several hostages and of course the emergency rafts don't have oars and do have trackers. They could try and fly somewhere else and land on a highway or an open field, but the second they enter a country's airspace they're going to get noticed and probably followed.

Parker digs up their personal effects so that everything has their Symbol back (Stability was gettin' kinda low, there), and then wonders if the agents' stuff has been tagged or bugged - it's happened before. She and Hanover rig up a sweeper and check the stuff, and find that it's not bugged...but the transponder is still sending a signal. She checks the box and finds that the wires have been jiggered with, but it's still transmitting. She calls Gambone out, who protests that he just made a mistake, but she uses Bullshit Detector and, well, smells bullshit. She also remembers him tackling Hanover at the docks before they all got captured, and then figures it - he's sold them out.

Ess draws down on Gambone and they lock him into a seat. They question him a bit and he reveals that the conspiracy made him a deal - they just want Hanover and they'll let the rest of the group walk. Ess smacks him on the head, but the exertion opens his wounds and Ess passes out. This leaves MacAteer (flying the plane), Parker, and Hanover to discuss their options. They decide that Gambone is too much of a liability to leave alive - if they do, the conspiracy will turn him. Gambone opines that Hanover might be able to shoot him, but it would be too much for Parker's "British sensibilities."

Parker laughs. She used to do wetwork for MI5.

They decide, though, that Hanover is going to shoot him, but Gambone gets the drop on him (opening his bonds and snitching Ess' gun) and shoots Hanover's gun out of his hand, and then tackling him. Hanover grabs for his piece (if Hanover can get a gun, this is over because Shooting is his MOS), but then Parker comes up behind him and shoots him. Gambone is dead. Parker loses a great deal of Stability for killing a teammate; flying the plane is now pretty much up to MacAteer and Hanover, and they have about 3 points in Pilot left between them.

The group decides to cross into Sweden and find a nice farm to land on, but the second they cross into Norwegian airspace they get a jet behind them. MacAteer, fortunately, speaks Norwegian and tells the pilot that due to a mechanical error they've lost fuel pressure and need to land. The Norwegians obligingly direct them to a nearby airport and agree to help talk them down. That's no good; the second they land, they're back in custody.

They decide to do something risky - crash-land into the ocean. MacAteer puts the plane down in the surf. The pilot and co-pilot survive, as does one of the conspiracy guards, Parker, Hanover, and MacAteer. The other "clean" guard, one of the conspiracy guards, and not. (Ess is already wounded, and the crash does just enough damage to kill him.)

They inflate the raft and grab Ess' body, and give the other raft to the pilots, but let the conspiracy guard sink. They quickly pull off the tracker and throw it into the surf, and then cover the raft with fire blankets to mask the color. They rig together oars and start paddling like crazy for Norway.

They hit the fjords a few hours later, blend into the countryside (they have their clothes, fortunately, so they don't have to wander around in prison garb), steal a car, and head for Sweden. They find a little tiny town and Parker contacts Sigge Carlsson, a friend of hers formerly of Swedish intelligence who's now a bit of conspiracy theorist and who can hook them up with a place to stay. She also puts in a call to a fixer and asset handler from Turkey name Polat Firinci - the agents are going to need help and the three survivors have tapped their assets pretty thoroughly.

The conspiracy thinks they're dead (their Hot Lead hit 10 when they crossed into Sweden), but they've lost two members, their science backup, all of their gear, and most of their intel. They need a plan...but that's next op.