Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blades in tha DAARRRRRKKKK

Look, I've had a shit week, I'm tired because I'm not sleeping well, I'm feeling better today so my brain is overcompensating and that means you get some silly shit sometimes. DARRRRRKKK.

Anydangway. Last time, the scoundrels robbed a church (or rather, the catacombs beneath said church). This time, they get the payout and deal with the fallout.

(We just did the downtime, because I was depressed and exhausted and one of the other players we sick, so it was a short session. I swear Blades is the new Wraith: Fun, innovative, but fucking cursed.)

The scoundrels head to Charterhall, except for Copper, who is in custody. They meet with Penderyn, who gives them a bunch of silver for their trouble, after exacting a promise from Cage never to break into his office again. They then head back to the lair to divvy up the loot and rest. Except, again, for Copper - the crew's Heat level has gotten a little too high again, so Copper does a month or so in Ironhook to cool things off. She gets off a lot better than Cage did; she makes friends with some of Ulf Ironbeard's crew inside and gets a claim (bribed guards).

The others go about their usual downtime things - training, indulging their vices, and suchlike. Cage works on finding Gargoyle, but isn't quite there yet. Once Copper gets out, they start talking about their next move, and they decide that this whole "Siren has a spirit-well in her head" is an issue. They head to the Veil and talk to Nyelle, their spirit trafficker contact.

After doing some shots of a lovely red liquid that makes them see pretty colors (remember this is One-Eye's hangout/drug den), Nyelle listens to the story and opines that having Kotar in one's head is potentially a problem - the legends about Kotar are inconsistent but they all agree that he's powerful. Siren mentions that she knows that spirit wells absorb spiritual energy and sometimes explode, disgorging demons, and that's not something she wants happening to her head. The crew decides they need to get an expert to look into this, but not someone motivated by faith (like the Circle of Flame, which is almost certainly already aware). Nyelle mentions the Dimmer Sisters, and says she can probably set up a meeting with Roslyn, their rep.

In the meanwhile, though, Copper mentions that she'd like to take a smuggling job - just to get back to what the crew is good at. Nyelle mentions that there's a shipment of Iruvian glass bottle coming into Gaddoc Station. These are effectively "virgin" spirit bottles; spirit bottles wear out after a while if they're used too much, and these are new ones. But the problems on the Void Sea are making imports in general, and that makes these bottles extra valuable. Nyelle points out where the shipment is coming in, and mentions that if the crew were to jack it before it reaches the station and gets split up, that's a bigger payout, but will be much harder. Wait until it's split up and jack a shipment on the canals, that's an easier (but smaller score).

The crew starts running it down, and we'll see what happens next time.