Sunday, February 11, 2018

Promethean: House Invasion

Hell, I just remembered I hadn't done the Promethean write-up from this past Monday. I'm losing it, I think.

Anyway, last time, the throng figured out a potential way to track where Virgil was being held - by looking for signs of an incipient Wasteland. They found a storm front moving in not far from their current location (on the west side of Lexington), and started looking around for houses with FOR SALE or RENT signs, and that looked likely candidates (this kind of investigation is what Grimm is good at, so he led the attempt).

They found what they believed was the right house, and Matt verified some Pyros in the area, but it was weak. They already knew that these "Task Force VALKYRIE" folks had a way to mimic or suppress Azothic radiance. Grimm activated Vitreous Humour and looked through the walls, and saw people in the basement, but not in the rest of the house. He therefore gave the throng their orders - mass at the side entrance (where the door led to the basement stairs), Skip would kick in the door, and Grimm would go down first. Incapacitate, but don't kill.

Skip kicked in the door, but the enemy was ready. Someone at the bottom of the stairs unloaded an assault rifle at him, blowing some very large holes in him and nearly killing him (at this point I should point out that all of the characters except Matt have visited the River of Death, so if they die, they die). Grimm had stolen a grenade from these folks before, though, and tossed it down the stairs. He heard someone yell "grenade!" and then the boom.

Feather, meanwhile, went around through the front door and stomped a hole in the floor, and dropped down into the basement. She saw the TFV folks, but also Virgil, stuck and apparently unconscious in a plastic tube kind of thing. She saw an Indian man in scrubs carrying a syringe with silvery liquid, and grappled him, but one of the TFV folks snapped open a baton and whacked her in the head.

Grimm came down the stairs, followed by Enoch (in barghest form) and Matt, and found three TFV folks - the guy who'd shot Skip, the woman in charge of the op, and another guy - all armed but stunned. Enoch tackled the woman, but she let loose a barrage from her gun and wounded him pretty grievously. Matt went past them all into the other room to help Feather, while Avalon went rough to the hole in the ceiling where Feather had come through (Avalon has no great skill in combat and so prefers to stay out of the way). She called to distract a soldier, and Grimm shot the soldier and dropped her.

In the room with the tube, one of the soldiers - the guy with the baton - ran for the wall. He hit a button, and a device activated itself, and all of the Prometheans felt their Azoth turning in on itself. Several of them fell over, incapacitated, but the others were still up, including Skip, who got close to the device and used his newly acquired Oscillatus Alembic to disable it.

The Prometheans were up, most of the TFV folks were down. They took the syringe away from the doctor and freed Virgil. Matt and Grimm, having been subject to the lacuna, understood what was happening, and injected his Vitriol back into him.

One of the still-unhurt soldiers told Grimm to let him stabilize his people, and Grimm let him. The throng pointed out that this guy pulling stuff out of Prometheans wasn't good, and the soldier said that the doctor (Dr. Bahl) wasn't one of their unit, he was brought in from "Cheiron" just today. The Prometheans seemed to have a new enemy...

But for now, they were lucky to be alive. They bugged the hell out, leaving behind several wounded but no dead soldiers, and Grimm's strategy had worked. Lay out a strategy that the throng follows is his milestone for the Soldier Role, so he completed that and move on to Exemplar. Meanwhile, Skip remains on Stannum, but is considering going back to Ferrum to make an Athanor.

The throng found a substation and electrocuted the hell out of themselves to heal up. Now, they figure, they'd better find Lurch and get the hell out of the town. They're pretty sure TFV has more resources.