Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ganakagok: The Fifth Cataclysm (Night to Twilight)

Yesterday we played some Ganakagok (and then a lot of Rock Band, which was nostalgically delicious). See the characters and the world here. On we go!

Melissa's Turn: Melissa (Kuiqanuk's player) draws the 10 of Stars for her situation card. Kuiqanuk is at the "pub" (the hearth of the village, where folks go to drink and warm up). Some of the elders are there, including Amagoroqun (elder of the Lodge of Stars and Sarah's character), Amanagu (elder of the Lodge of Flames), and of course, her "brother" Tegorqanuk. Kuiqanuk is getting drunk and a bit rowdy, showing her bear constellation birthmark to anyone who will look. Amanagu approaches her with a walrus-tusk drinking horn full of some kind of draught. Maybe it's to shut her up, maybe it's a peace offering, but we'll never know because Tegorqanuk knocks it out of the elder's hands onto the floor and rabble-rouses about the coming Fifth Cataclysm. Amanagu knocks him down, but he kicks her legs out from under her (the folks in the village aren't taking this well.

Amagoroqun steps up and advises talking this out, being smarter about it, but the bear-twins are in full bear mode and are in no mode to parlay. Amagoroqun points out that every young person thinks they'll see the next Cataclysm in their lives, and these kids need to get over themselves. The people in the bar agree and the twins are unceremoniously shoved out into the cold, where they see that Iqaatu has been watching them.

Stars: Down from 40 to 36.

Travis' Turn: Tegorqanuk is next. Travis draws the Child of Storms card. Tegorqanuk stomps up to Iqaatu and says that she should complete her initiation ritual - he's got something she could kill. After some banter about the visions she has and whether they're real, he grabs her and heads off into the wastes, with Kuiqanuk following. They first almost enter the Plains of Burning Ice, but both Iqaatu and Kuiqanuk balk at that (since it would kill them all), so Tegorqanuk agrees to go around the other way...through the Ghoul Maze.

In the Maze, they come across a cannibal ghoul raiding party, getting ready to hit the village. Tegorqanuk attacks, drawing his blades and rushing for the ghouls, but Iqaatu tackles him and puts her knife to his throat, and says that if he doesn't smarten up, she'll finish her initiation by killing him. Iqaatu then heads off into the maze, looking to get around the raiding party, and Kuiqanuk follows. Tegorqanuk agrees, but whacks the ice-walls of the Maze, sending out echoes that the ghouls can follow.

Stars: Down to 30, which means we hit Twilight.

Twilight: I drew the Child of Tears for the Twilight card. As the stars start to fade from view, the cannibal ghouls look to the sky, and then crawl to the top of the ice-walls of the Maze. Some of them watch as the twins and Iqaatu head for the meadows on the other side of the Maze...and the others look to the Nitu village.