Sunday, February 25, 2018

Game Notes: You're a Jinx, Baby

Just watched Baby Driver, y'see. Probably I should go to bed, seeing as how tomorrow's a workday, but I'm feeling restless and it doesn't do me any good to go to bed feeling like that. Not that that's why you came. You just wanna see my game notes.

OK, so. Last time there was this quickie little score because Michelle was out sick. I think the general consensus was that the scoundrels need to do at least a little more prep and perhaps go up a tier before they take on the Red Sashes. As such, probably we treat the next session like a normal one (that is, no assassinations). I want to check their general health, though. OK, so we have some tier-one harms, but nothing worse. Oh, wait, shit, Siren is stressed the fuck out. She takes one more hit of stress, she's Trauma'd, and that means she can't roll to resist. Noted.

Well, let's look at clocks, first.

  • Unseen: Infiltrate the Spirit Wardens (6/8)
  • Spirit Wardens: Uncover the infiltration (3/8)
  • Gondoliers: Investigate the desecrated hollows (4/8)
  • Scurlock: Fulfill debt to Seterra (0/12, on hold)
  • Circle of Flames: Obtain all the remains of Kotar (Eye, Hand, Heart, Tongue): 5/8
  • Grinders: Build an army (5/12), Fill war treasury (4/12)
  • Fog Hounds: Obtain a regular patron (3/6)
  • Lampblacks: Losing patiences with Widdershins (1/6)
OK, so most of that didn't move. I'll say the Circle now has a line on the Hand, the Grinders are slowly building their resources up, the Fog Hounds actually slid back because of the Widdershins' last gig, and we've added a new clock for the Lampblacks losing patiences with Widdershins. If that clock fills, they go to war.

Rumors & News: Demon blood shortage is starting get bad. Components for energy and light are being rationed in some parts of the city (read: the poor parts) leading to brownouts and ghost problems getting more serious. 

So then available scores: 

Score One: Making an Omelet: The Spirit Wardens use deathseeker crows to seek out people who die in the city. The Unseen wants to weaken that ability by training their own, but they haven't managed to breed them. They want some eggs from the rookery at the Belleweather Crematorium. Grull (a carriage driver, but actually one of the Unseen) told them about this score already; it's still available. He'll meet them wherever they want with the goods, but they have only an hour to get the eggs from the Crematorium to him or else they don't get paid. Complications: Ghost guardians, guards with sparkcraft weapons, someone might recognize Cage's mask, doing this loud will mean going to war with the Spirit Wardens.

Score Two: Turf (left): Ulf Ironborn's gang has taken over a gambling den near the Widdershins' hideout. It's got a long gangplank leading over the canal, so it's become known as "the Island." They deal mainly in card games, dice games, and the occasional rat race. Ulf is using it mostly as a way to generate money, and the boys who run it aren't from Nightmarket; they're Skov refugees and their "people" are in Dunslough. Driving them out would probably require violence, but hey, I'm easy. Maybe they could bet their way into it. Taking over the gambling den wouldn't generate income (since the locals will follow Ironborn's folks), but it's a useful location and a secondary dock.

Score Three: Luxury Fence: Hrm. This works nicely for Nightmarket, of course. Let's say that this particular fence is named Cricket (she tends to chirp/whistle when she's nervous or bored). Cricket is short, wears her hair in a bob, and dresses somewhat less than luxuriously, but she can find a buyer for some really high-end stuff. At present, though, she's under the employ of the Hive. The Hive, of course, doesn't really do business with occult or arcane things, meaning that the if crew can "taint" Cricket somehow, they could drive the Hive off and start using her as a fence.

Score Four: The Hand of Kotar: Flint informs Cage that Lord Penderyn is concerned about his newfound rep for bloodlust, but that he's heard Penderyn is interested in obtaining the contents of a particular urn beneath the Sanctorum in Brightstone. This would be a very difficult job - the Church of Ecstasy is nothing to screw with, Brightstone isn't exactly Widdershins turf, and the crew would need to figure out which urn it is - but Flint says that Penderyn would pay extremely well for that urn, unopened. (Truth is, he'd pay just as well for just the Hand, but Flint doesn't know that.) Complications: Fog Hounds muscling in, Church of Ecstasy devotees, Bluecoats and other officials - just lots of things.

I think that'll do it.