Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Character Creation: The Whispering Road

Home sick today, figured I'd make a character and get caught up.

The Game: The Whispering Road
The Publisher: Brent P. Newhall's Musaeum
Degree of Familiarity: None, but it's like 30 pages long.
Books Required: Just the one.

The Whispering Road is a storytelling game inspired by the works of Miyazaki, so it's drawing on some of the same thematic elements as Golden Sky Stories. In this game, though, you don't play as animal spirits (characters are ordinary people). I like the principles of the game (taking the focus off combat, rewarding selfless action and community), and I like the idea of gentle roleplaying with a softer focus (I've been rolling an idea for a game kinda like that in my head for a while, now, I'm just not sure what to do with it).

Anyway! There's no character sheet for this game, so I won't have anything to upload. Life's like that.

Whispering Road is GM-less, but has a Driver (to keep the story moving forward) and a Narrator (who keeps the story on track and progressing more or less according to the outline). I'm here for it.

Normally we'd pick a setting ("dirty steampunk city") and set some parameters ("no sex," "dragons live in the hills," "children will never be in mortal danger", etc.) but since it's just me I think I'll skip that and get to work on my character. A character is built from an Archetype, a Need, and 5 Traits.

Well, starting with Archetype, if I were actually going to play this game I'd almost certainly make an Ordinary Hero, but it might be fun to make a Special One (the character with the magic or the destiny). So, sure, let's go with that. My character's name is Wax. He's the son of the local candlestick maker, and the other kids in the area call him "Wax" because he's always got wax on his fingers and clothes and shoes. But he knows more than just how to make candles: he can lock things (a promise, a memory, a whisper) inside a candle so it's released when the candle burns.

Next up, I do a Need. The Need is structured as "I need [thing], but [other character works against that]." I want Wax's need to be bound up in candle-making, obviously, but a need to prove myself seems a little on the nose. Taking a little inspiration from Kubo & The Two Strings, I think I'll say that Wax's mom had her memory bound into a candle, and Ty, the Rascal, took that candle and sold it, but he can't remember who to. Wax doesn't hold a grudge (much), but he does want his mother back.

Finally, I get five Traits. Oh, hang on, I get 4, because Candle-Maker is one of mine. Cool. I can double up on these, so I think I'll take Candle-Maker twice, and then three more. I'll take Bag of Wonders, Everyone Likes Me (Relational), and Thoughtful (Intellectual).

And that's it, actually. I should play this with Cael.


Archetype: Special One
Need: I need to get my mom back, but Ty forgot who he sold her memory-candle to.
Traits: Candle-Maker x2, Bag of Wonders, Everyone Likes Me, Thoughtful