Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Last time, Skip got into a fight, then got arrested and bound, then kicked a door off a car and took off on foot. Today, we join the chase in progress.

The other Prometheans, noting the agents leaving the convenience store quickly, follow them. Skip, meanwhile, high-tails it through a residential section to a mall with a power station nearby. He leaps headlong into said power station, knocking out the power in the immediate area but healing and replenishing himself. He charges up into the mall and steals a jacket and a hat, but he's still walking around with this hands bound (though he does manage to flip his arms around so his hands are in front) and electrical burns on his clothes. He flares his disfigurements and arcs lightning between his fingers to scare folks off, and in so doing becomes a feared urban legend (which fulfills his Savage Role).

The other Prometheans, following Skip's Azoth, show up about now and get faced down by mall security and a couple of cops. Feather activates her Vanquish Distillation and knocks one down (which, as he's suffering from Disquiet, gives him Beaten Down), and Grimm scares the others away. The Prometheans sneak out and see that their van is being loaded onto a flatbed. They consider letting it go...but then they realize that all their stuff and their kittens are in that van!

Avalon notes that an agent has put the kittens into a cat carrier. Grimm activates his Zephyrus Alembic, zips over, and grabs it. Feather runs over to the flatbed, pulls the driver out, and starts it up; Matt follows and jumps in the passenger seat, and Grimm jumps on the back. The agents shoot and hit Feather, but they can't touch Grimm. Skip kicks on of the agents' cars and pins three of them up against their other car, and Enoch uses Glimpsing the Crasis to give one of the agents a memory of when he turned from Centimani back to the Pilgrimage. "We just want to be left alone," he tells them (while they're screaming in pain).

Avalon, meanwhile, uses the Eros Alembic to force the last remaining agent to follow her off into the parking lot. Feather takes off, picks up Avalon and the agent, and they head out before the cops arrive.

Pulling in behind a football stadium, they interrogate the agent. He's sympathetic to the Prometheans up to a point, but isn't that sympathetic (Skip nearly killing his compatriots didn't help). Avalon tries to sweet-talk him into spilling his guts about the group hunting them, but isn't quite able to get there and finally just uses her Alembic to force him. This does fulfill a milestone for her (seduce a human being), and she reflects on how easily she can bend his will - much like Ollie, the agent would do anything for her.

He tells them the truth - the government group is called Task Force VALKYRIE. They hunt supernatural dangers. Avalon claims the throng isn't dangerous, but the agent is obviously unconvinced (just look what the Prometheans have done so far). He doesn't know where they're holding Virgil and knows nothing about Lurch. The throng leaves him, and heads to an RV park.

They steal an RV and ditch the van, and Grimm forces an Elpis Vision. In it, he sees himself walking in the city, searching for Virgil, but can't feel his Azoth. He realizes that Prometheans leave other footprints - perhaps a Wasteland. He rounds a corner and finds his throng, and they all salute him (perhaps a clue as to how to fulfill the Soldier Role?).

Next time, perhaps the throng can find Virgil before it's too late?