Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Game Prep: All The Things

I have a little time, so I'm gonna try and take some notes for the games I'm running. You've been warned, people.

Let's see, where to start. I might not have time to get through all four, so do I go chronologically (what I'm running first) or in order of what really needs the prep? Guess I'll do that first thing, that sounds easiest.


Last time is here. The envoys wound up taking the Delta Tau Delta frat back to the ranch for their own protection, but the problem with that is that they're taking several folks who are already under the xaxog's notice (not Influence, though). That pretty much gives the xaxog access to the envoys' HQ, which is a really terrible idea, and it's already aware of them. So now the question is, is the xaxog smart enough to try and "help" the envoys wrap this up, leaving itself free to infiltrate the ranch? I think maybe that'd be fun (and I also don't mind letting the envoys win if they figure it out). 

So, what's the plan? The xaxog uses Ride Senses on the boys to map the place out, and nudges the ones it knows into wandering around the compound to give it a better sense of it. 

That means, though, that it needs a scapegoat. Doug is obviously a pawn, but Greg Abless, the manager of the steam plant, is the scapegoat. He's under Influence and he's willing to kill for the xaxog, but the creature needs Greg dead because Greg knows what the creature is, what it's called, and what it can do. Greg lives in the Lair, though, that makes him vulnerable. 

The xaxog devotes its attention to controlling the boys at the ranch, so for about the first hour or so, unless the PCs enter the Lair it won't notice them. After that, it puts its attention back on Doug and has him go to the steam plant and defend Abless. It fully expects to lose Doug one way or another, but Doug is rapidly losing his proverbial marbles (crying shame no one has the Calm discipline, but life's like that). 

So, when the PCs get to the plant, Abless is there, hiding, knows the terrain, and is armed (revolver, but only six bullets, also wood to use as clubs). He'll shoot to kill, but he's not a terrific shot. If killed or if the PCs do something that the xaxog thinks looks exorcism-y, it'll pull its influence back, collapse the Lair, and flee. 

Greg Abless

STA: 50 REF: 45 WPR: 55 Drive: Serve the xaxog's will
Specializations: Repair E75, Hiding B65

Of course if the PCs think to do a thorough sweep of the area, or get a high enough result on Sensing the Unknown, they'll realize there's a second entity and probably kill the xaxog, which is fine with me.


Running this Monday so probably I should think about it. Last time is here.

So, first thing: Skip's Alternate ID is toast, and under Sanctity of Merits he can reassign that dot. 

And then, these things:

Virgil: Virgil has been snatched. He flared his Azoth and then dampened it to try and alert Skip, but the TFV team has a device that lets them dampen or simulate Azothic radiance. Virgil is presently in a plastic cage designed to hold Promethean, bound with Glepnir restraints, and creating a Wasteland (which the other characters could track once it gets a little bigger). They're planning on harvesting his Vitriol, though, and that'll happen tomorrow night. They're just waiting on a consultant from Cheiron to get there. 

TFV: Said consultant is named Kuldeep Bahl, and he's getting in tomorrow afternoon with a trunk full of gear and a Vitriol pump. Until then, Bobbi has them lying low. They're not going to go out and help the agents dealing with Skip - that's too public and too stupid. Instead, they're guarding Virgil, and they're on alert. I really should stat them up; I'll see if I have time to do that before Monday.

Lurch: Lurch is hiding in one of the local parks, but has dampened his Azoth. The park he's hiding at borders a cemetery, so he goes to the cemetery and watches funerals often. He knows that other Prometheans are in town, but he can't bring himself to investigate. I need a hook for the throng to track him down - probably that's something that they should get from TFV at some point, since their first concern is going to be finding Nemo Virgil.

Skip: Well, really, their first concern should be Skip. He's on the side of a highway, running from two armed agents, trying to break bonds that he really can't break. He's going to get surrounded by police in very short order unless the throng does something to help him, and once he's in custody he's not getting out again (they'll bind his legs, dampen his Azoth, and throw him in a van). 

The Jovian: The kerfuffle with TFV isn't obviously going to help anyone (Enoch especially, who's the one who summoned the Jovian), so it doesn't mind facilitating that and helping the throng find Skip. 

The God-Machine: In a real fight between the throng and TFV, the God-Machine might have some stigmatic agents intervene or something, maybe a hunter angel. Thing is, though, it's still looking for its data back, and if the Prometheans die it loses its best lead. Best to let this one play out, so maybe an Analyst angel instead? 

Milestones: Skip's actually pretty close to making Savage, but I feel like it needs some conscious action from him on the matter. Matt needs to find Lurch to make his next couple of major ones, Feather and Enoch, too. Avalon really needs to embrace this "Deviant" thing, but she hasn't really dug into it yet - maybe that's something we can explore if the group gets a downtown session. Grimm could make Soldier any damn time, if his player would just get off his fucking phone and do something

Night's Black Agents

On a roll here. Last session.

So, one of those Digital Intrusion rolls got noticed, and the conspiracy was able to track the characters' messages to Sedillo and Koltay. Sedillo managed to kill herself before the vampires got to her, meaning that the conspiracy isn't able to use her to cook up a way to make themselves resistant to the poisons. Koltay, however, wasn't so lucky, and is now a Gen 1 puppeteer.

Koltay doesn't have a way to contact the agents directly, but knows they'll make contact sooner or later, so he remains waiting with Kingsilver nearby. Meanwhile, the agents themselves are on the running (Hajnal and Tesla have both learned not to put all their eggs in one basket; if they can catch the agents now, great, if not, Kingsilver is waiting with Koltay). 

Koltay has revealed what he knows to the conspiracy, of course, which includes that the agents know to listen for a listen lisp; he's already corrected that in his own speech. A German spend will uncover it, should the agents think of it. Biggest tell might be that Sedillo is incommunicado, though. 

Only other issue here is that until the agents break out of the extended chase rules, they're being pursued by Interpol as well as Hajnal's organization. They have 5 Hot Lead at the moment, meaning they're halfway to getting free. 

Oh, and Waverly is mostly assuredly dead. The conspiracy grabs him, milks him for all the information he can give them about Gambone, and shoots him. He's found in the Thames, and that'll definitely be on the news. 

Blades in the Dark

Last one, woo! I was supposed to run this last night and then had a really bad POTS flare. Boo.

Not real sure what they're going to do next, honestly. They expanded turf last time, they still have that whole "Red Sash" issue to deal with, so let's assume that most of the clocks I'm tracking don't move much right now. 
  • Unseen: Infiltrate the Spirit Wardens: 6/8
  • Spirit Wardens: Uncover the infiltrators: 3/8
  • Gondoliers: Investigate desecrated hollows: 4/8
  • Scurlock: Fulfill debt to Seterra: 0/12 (on hold)
  • Circle of Flame: Obtain all of the remains of Kotar (Eye, Hand, HeartTongue): 4/8
  • The Grinders: Raise an army: 4/12, Fill war treasury: 4/12
  • The Fog Hounds: Obtain a regular patron (Lord Pendryn): 4/6
Cage, of course, just got out of prison, where he was pretty badly brutalized. He's now vicious as well as unstable, and that'll make for some fun Devil's Bargains. I think, though, that what I want to do next session is let them figure out what to do about the Red Sashes. I want to give them a chance to use the turf they picked up, though, so let's have a score available in the Ruby if they think to ask about it. 

Ooh, OK. There's an artist who frequents the Ruby (Lash). Lord Penderyn needs him transported from the Ruby to Charterhall, but Lash is phobic about water - he won't travel by boat, only rail or carriage. Penderyn needs him brought there safely, and is willing to pay 3 Coin (not much, but it's an easy gig). Lash is the one actually offering the job, of course, and pays one Coin up front. Complications: The Fog Hounds want Penderyn's business, and are quite willing to stir up trouble, snatch Lash away, and then blame Widdershins for the kerfuffle but claim they were there to step in.