Saturday, January 6, 2018

Character Creation: Critical! Go Westerly

Got about a half-hour before we convene to save the future from disease (that is, play Pandemic). So let's make a drunk fantasy character!

The Game: Critical! Go Westerly
The Publisher: Firestorm Ink
Degree of Familiarity: Some. I've played it at cons with +Jonathan once or twice.
Books Required: Just the one.

So, this is a fantasy game that was supposed to have been based on a popular card/board game involving drinking in a tavern...but something went wrong. That's all very unfortunate, but Critical! is a lot of fun, and I say that as someone who doesn't much like fantasy as a genre. I played a dwarf who was far too tall for his people (Urist Axebeard).

In this case, however, I wish to play a tortured vintner. He watched his vines die in a blaze of hellish fire, the grapes sizzling (they did not cry, however, they just let out a little w(h)ine). He has sworn never to rest until every grape is avenged.

This...may take a while, granted.

I shall name my wayward vintner Roger Vintner. (His middle name is basically "the". Look, it's old-timey.)

So we start off with stats: Strength, Smarts, Sneak, and Smile. Minimum is 1, max is 6, and I've got 12 points to divvy up. Well, I already know that Roger is the broody sort, so I'll put his Smile at 2. I'll put Strength at 5, Sneak at 3, and Smart at 2. I think that's 12.

Secondary stats start at fixed values; Damage is 2, Alcohol Content is 0 (for now), Fortitude is 20, and Gold is 10. Easy-peasy.

Skills! I get 6 points, max is 3. Skills can and should have ridiculous titles (in practice they're more like Aspects, actually). I'll give myself Loving, Caring, Cultivation of Plants (a Help Others Skill) at 3. I'll take Vengeful Harvest (Hurt Others) at 2, and then Glower (Help Self) at 1.

Next up, Habits. I have Gotta Get the Gold at 3, and then I get 3 more. I'll take Wine...Wine Never Changes at 3 to reflect my ongoing quest of revenge. I'll take some Comfy Armor (2 gold), a well-made scythe (6 gold), and I'll take a Potion of Chuckles (raises my AC by 1, but gives me +1 Smile for a while).

And that about does it. Roger is lean, tough, grizzled, stubbled, and always looking off to the right. His clothes are stained with red - the blood of his foes, or a nice pinot noir? He gets friendly if he's drinking, which is one reason he doesn't drink much. Sometimes he'll stare off into the middle distance and whisper, sadly, "...concord."