Monday, January 1, 2018

Blades Notes

Oh, right, sometimes I run games, not just make characters.

Tonight is Blades in the Dark, so players should stop reading about....



OK, last time, the scoundrels wound up murdering a Lampblack and then getting blackmailed into assassinating a couple of the Red Sashes to square that debt and get Copper back alive. They've missed their opportunity to steal spirit bottles from the University (that job's been done, and let's assume that Flint hooked up with the Fog Hounds in order to get that done). The egg job is still open, for the moment. The crew is looking to expand their turf, and of course they might go to Red Sashes and bargain rather than kill, which is gonna pop this into a full-on war, which is awesome. So, let's consider turf and so on.

So, based on what they said last time, they're likely to either go turf (left or right) or Luxury Fence. Fleet doesn't make a lot of sense for them right now, and there are no diagonal connections (they can technically strike anywhere, but they're smart enough to know why that's unwise.

Turf (right): Interestingly, there are very few gangs in Blades listed as specifically having turf in Nightmarket. Well, I can roll with the ones that are. This bit of turf is presently claimed by the Wraiths. Let's say that luxury brothel that's mentioned in their write-up (the one where they stole the leviathan hunter book) is not far from the Widdershins' hideout (it really should be in Silkshore, but it's used as a place where rich people buy, sell, and trade as much as bang). It's called the Ruby, run by a Tycherosi named Jayan (elegant, quiet, blue spines up and down her arms). She's aware that the Wraiths use the brothel to steal from high-end clientele, but she's averse to violence and criminal activity in general. The crew could drive the Wraiths out and make use of the place to get jobs, which Jayan would like much better.

Turf (left): Ulf Ironborn's gang has taken over a gambling den near the Widdershins' hideout. It's got a long gangplank leading over the canal, so it's become known as "the Island." They deal mainly in card games, dice games, and the occasional rat race. Ulf is using it mostly as a way to generate money, and the boys who run it aren't from Nightmarket; they're Skov refugees and their "people" are in Dunslough. Driving them out would probably require violence, but hey, I'm easy. Maybe they could bet their way into it. Taking over the gambling den wouldn't generate income (since the locals will follow Ironborn's folks), but it's a useful location and a secondary dock.

Luxury Fence: Hrm. This works nicely for Nightmarket, of course. Let's say that this particular fence is named Cricket (she tends to chirp/whistle when she's nervous or bored). Cricket is short, wears her hair in a bob, and dresses somewhat less than luxuriously, but she can find a buyer for some really high-end stuff. At present, though, she's under the employ of the Hive. The Hive, of course, doesn't really do business with occult or arcane things, meaning that the if crew can "taint" Cricket somehow, they could drive the Hive off and start using her as a fence.

And then if they want to assassinate Mylera Klev and/or Gargoyle, they need to gather some intel, find those folks, and set up a score to do it. They could kill them both in the same score, but that's going to be harder (but more rewarding). Too many variables, so I'm gonna just have to wing that.

Oh, and, clocks:
  • Unseen: Infiltrate the Spirit Wardens: 6/8
  • Spirit Wardens: Uncover the infiltrators: 3/8
  • Gondoliers: Investigate desecrated hollows: 4/8
  • Scurlock: Fulfill debt to Seterra: 0/12 (on hold)
  • Circle of Flame: Obtain all of the remains of Kotar (Eye, Hand, HeartTongue): 4/8
  • The Grinders: Raise an army: 3/12, Fill war treasury: 2/12
  • The Fog Hounds: Obtain a regular patron (Lord Pendryn): 3/6