Monday, December 11, 2017

Some Quick Promethean Notes

I used to keep notes for all my games in notebooks. I don't do that anymore for a number of reasons (my wrist cramps when I write more than a few sentences, and my handwriting has deteriorated over the years), but sometimes I do miss it. But the only reason I miss it, really, is that taking notes right before the game leads to two blog posts in a row about the same game.

Which is, probably, a kind of neurotic thing to fret over, but hey, my brain is a fatty mystery.

Anyway, the players are searching Coldstream Park today looking for Lurch's camp. So probably they should find it. I figure there's a dense copse of trees in the park with some blankets, Pilgrim Marks carved into the trunks, and some ruined books about death, the afterlife, coping with death, funerary practices, and all kinds of other deathy things. They're library books, how about, that might give them a place to look for Lurch.

And then there's TFV. The TFV team presently in Lexington is:

  • Roberta "Bobbi" Fields: Team leader, veteran agent, has encountered Prometheans before. Likes to go undercover, former CIA. She's the one in the hospital on the walkie-talkie. White, 50s, naturally blonde, carries the Gleipnir bonds. Brought some incendiary rounds and grenades with her. 
  • Morris "Mo" Hanson: One of the dudes in the suits in the hallway. Formerly Secret Service. White, 40s, marksman. Killed a Frankenstein once.
  • Archie McKinney: The other guy in the suit in the hallway, the one that took the sample. Formerly a USAMIIRD scientist. Never dealt with Prometheans before. White, late 30s. Carries Munin Serum. 
  • Nancy Moss: The woman in the van initially. Rookie member, former Marine. Biracial (black/white), late 20s. Has the most recent training on the Mjolnir Cannon, which is in the van. 
  • Carlos Ramirez: The guy in camos at the hospital. Mexican, late 30s. Hasn't seen a Promethean before. 
This team has most of the gear described in Hunter, but of course most of it won't really work on Prometheans and Bobbi knows that. She figures the big cannon is their best bet if things get hairy, because of course the brass hasn't bothered to tell her about the whole "electricity is yummy" thing that Prometheans have going on. The Jovian might tell her, though, if he figures there's any percentage in doing so.