Sunday, December 3, 2017

Notes in the Dark

The sounds more dramatic than it needs to, but really I'm just taking notes for the Blades in the Dark game I'm running tomorrow and perhaps the Chill game I'm running later today.

Blades in the Dark

Right, so, Blades. Last time I ran this game was in late October, and then I spent the next three weekends traveling and being dead tired on Monday, so we've missed two sessions. Last session was here, and had the crew yanking a ghost out of a Gondolier. So, first thing, let's figure out how much progress has been made on the clocks I was tracking behind the scenes and whatnot.

OK, so Scurlock has the cloak, which allows him to forestall acting to fulfill his debt to Seterra, but it causes Seterra to rumble in the deeps. This, in turn, causes storms in the Void Sea, which means supplies of demon blood and other goods from the oceans are in short supply. The Circle of Flame understands these dire portents, and so they kick things into high gear, buying up spirit bottles in order to suss out the location of the artifacts of Kotar. They already found the Tongue of Kotar. Lord and Lady Penderlyn are leading this effort, drawing on the resources of both the Circle of Flame and the Path of Echoes to find the remains of Kotar and try and figure out what's going on out at sea. 

Meanwhile, the Unseen have made only minimal progress on their goal, but the Spirit Wardens aren't really any closer to rooting them out. The Gondoliers have realized that the hollows have risen more frequently since the storms at sea started, and that the dead of the sea are washing up on the shores of the Lost District already hollowed. Finally, the Grinders have begun their campaign, spurred on by the storms making life even more difficult for Lockport.

  • Unseen: Infiltrate the Spirit Wardens: 6/8
  • Spirit Wardens: Uncover the infiltrators: 3/8
  • Gondoliers: Investigate desecrated hollows: 3/8
  • Scurlock: Fulfill debt to Seterra: 0/12 (on hold)
  • Circle of Flame: Obtain all of the remains of Kotar (Eye, Hand, Heart, Tongue): 2/8
  • The Grinders: Raise an army: 2/12, Fill war treasury: 1/12
So, first, the characters have heard:
  • Rumors of storms in the Void Sea are capsizing ships and making it hard to drain leviathans. We're not seeing the worst effects yet, but import prices are going up and demon blood reserves are getting low. Lockport's also taking a pounding. 
  • The Path of Echoes is buying up spirit bottles. Trouble is, you need to know who to go to in order to sell them, and the Path is pretty secretive. And then there's the whole "where do you get spirit bottles" problem. 
  • There's a new gang out on the canals hitting supply barges. They call themselves "the Grinders." They're small-time now, but their people seem pretty fired up. They're all Skovlanders, so, y'know.

And then gigs for the crew:

Score One: Making an Omelet: The Spirit Wardens use deathseeker crows to seek out people who die in the city. The Unseen wants to weaken that ability by training their own, but they haven't managed to breed them. They want some eggs from the rookery at the Belleweather Crematorium. Grull (a carriage driver, but actually one of the Unseen) can give them the job told them about this score already; it's still available. He'll meet them wherever they want with the goods, but they have only an hour to get the eggs from the Crematorium to him or else they don't get paid. Complications: Ghost guardians, guards with sparkcraft weapons, someone might recognize Cage's mask, doing this loud will mean going to war with the Spirit Wardens.

Score Two: On the Bottle: The Path of Echoes is indeed buying up spirit bottles. Flint, a spirit trafficker (and friend of Cage) approaches the crew with the gig: Help Flint take possession of several cases of inhabited spirit bottles and transport them from Charterhall (the university) to Silkshore (the Red Lamp). This is a decent score (12 Coin, of which Flint takes 2, though he'll negotiate up as a Devil's Bargain in play if need be). Complications: This is an inside job; Penderyn is selling spirit bottles from the university's collection, which is a no-no even for him, because he needs them to find Kothar's Heart. The Bluecoats patrol the university carefully, but they're not terribly invested (so pulling off the job won't hurt the crew's standing with them, unless they do something stupid like kill Bluecoats). 

Score Three: Retrieve the Body: Steiner, an assassin and friend of Siren, screwed up. They fulfilled a contract on a minor noble named Phin Dalmore, but dumped the body into the canal near Six Towers. Problem was, they were contracted to retrieve a signet ring from Dalmore's left hand, and accidentally grabbed the ring from his right hand. Now the body is in the river, weighted down, but Steiner is hiding from their employer (the Foundation) and from the Dalmore family (Lord Dalmore, Phin's uncle, is the executive officer of the Ministry of Preservation). Word on the street is that this particular corpse will fetch some good money, but really it's all about the ring (which Steiner knows). Complications: Several other gangs are looking for the body (Wraiths, Lampblacks, etc.). Body will rise as a hollow. Crew will get more money accompanying Steiner to the buy (because Steiner will absolutely stiff them), but they'll wind up with more Heat, too. 

There, I think that's good. Now for


We're in a pretty good place, really, and the notes I took last time hold. Things to note:
  • The xaxog has the Exploit discipline, meaning that it could learn the the truth about Auntie Dee (which means I need to know that truth; remember to ask Jess).
  • Stacy is definitely going to be the next victim; he was pretty drunk last night after the PCs left. Doug Campbell (who was also the one who kicked poor little Sweet Baby Jesus) saw him talking to the PCs, followed him to a nearby party, watched him get drunk, and then bashed his head in with a brick as he walked home. The brick is from Morrill Hall, which is undergoing some light repair. 
  • The xaxog is aware of the PCs (I know I added a token for that last time), meaning that it's going to try and push them into killing them. It's especially interested in killing BB and Jordan, since they're the ones that got close to its lair. 
Sounds good!