Friday, December 22, 2017

Board Game: Sushi Go

You know, this happens every year: We play a game at the holiday party and then I forget to the do the write-up because I forget we played it "officially" for the blog. Only off by a couple of weeks, that's better than I usually do.

The Game: Sushi Go!
The Publisher: AdventureLand Games, but their site seems to have turned Russian
Time: 10 minutes or so
Players: Me, +Michelle+Amanda, Megan, +John

Prepare for Sushi Go!
Game Play: It's a pick-and-pass game; you're trying to complete several different sets of sushi and other related foodstuffs. Each turn you choose on card to play and pass the rest. You can also choose to lay down a chopsticks card, which allows you to play two cards on a subsequent turn (putting the chopsticks back into your hand), which is useful if there are two cards you can grab to complete a set, but shit if you get stuck with a chopsticks still in your hand when the cards run out and it's time to score.
From that point, it's just a matter of figuring out what strategy you're going to commit to. Dumplings, by themselves, don't give you much, but if you don't have the most dumplings at the end, you lose points. Stuff like that.

Opinions: Eh, y'know. It's a cute time-waster, and I've got a bunch of other, similar games. My chief complaint is that the game doesn't encourage any kind of interaction - it's just pick and pass, so you never need to discuss anything, but unlike mindless card games like euchre there's also no reason to interact about non-game things. The art is fun, but generally the game doesn't thrill me.

Keep? Maybe I'll see if Half-Price wants it.