Monday, November 27, 2017

Misspent Youth: The Celestial Finale, plus some notes

Yesterday was the very last session of our Misspent Youth game. I'd wax poetic about how awesome this game is, but honestly I've done it before and I'm pressed for time. So here we go!

Authority Figures:

  • Tezcatlipoca, ruler of the Smoking Mirror planet. 
  • Valkyries, the agender space cops.
  • Queztalcoatl, the feathered serpent god.
  • Xipetotec, the god of the harvest and flaying.
  • Theo, the compromised but still on the god's side fitness instructor
Friendship Questions:
  • Kshanti asked Alaska: "What do you need that you're running out of?" Her answer: "Approval."
  • Alaska asked Yasha: "Why don't you talk to me anymore?" Her answer: "You've become kind of like our de facto leader and I don't know how to feel about that."
  • Yasha asked Jacqui: "What are you planning to do with that hallucinogenic water you saved?" Her answer: "Use it to create art without killing anyone."
  • Jacqui asked Eli: "Why are you trying to repair the off-world communicator?" Their answer: "Um, Theo."
  • Eli asked Kshanti: "What did you smuggle?" Her answer: "A ghost."
Scene One: What's Up

Yasha's player sets us up and chooses Alaska's question to Yasha (about leadership). 

The YOs are in Bruce (their special tank), just kind of tooling around, trying to figure out what to do next. They're approaching a land mass, and need to make a decision about whether to avoid it or explore it. Yasha and Jacqui argue for exploration, and the others agree (they also note that Tezcatlipoca stiffed them on what he was going to pay them for killing Morpheus). 

The tank goes over a rise and starts sliding on the obsidian toward a lake - like a real lake, with water! The YOs try to right it; Jacqui stands up and wins on Eli's Wrathful Conviction, shoves the gearshift, and spins the tank so it winds up beside the lake. The YOs see a path leading out into an island in the middle of the lake, and Alaska advises they investigate. 

Kickoff: This episode is about leadership. 

Scene Two: Fighting Back

Alaska's player sets us up, and chooses the question from Kshanti to Alaska, about approval. 

The YOs take the path across the lake to the island; Alaska tries to direct them, but they wind up just walking as they will. In the island, they find a divot and a nest of sparkly, heavy eggs. As they handle them, a gigantic serpent rises out of the water. Yasha slashes at it with her sword, and Alaska stands up (Thrills) and tries to talk the snake down, starting to change into the snake as she does so. Jacqui stands up and wins on Alaska's Conviction, and holds the eggs over the water in a threatening manner. The snake backs down, and the YOs retreat, with the eggs.

First Beat: Discovery (serpent eggs). Question: Will Alaska get us killed?

Scene Three: Heating Up

Kshanti's player sets us up, and chooses Theo. 

The YOs are back on Bruce. They set up an incubator for the eggs by the engine, and then get out to discuss their next move. When they do, there's Theo!

Well, he's not really here; he's a hologram being beamed from Bardo. He tries to talk Eli into coming back with him; yes, they'll wind up being a meatsuit eventually, but not for a while. Eli considers it - they're not exactly happy here. Theo also notes that the gods are looking for them (they killed Morpheus, after all), and notes that some gods want them to kill other gods, others want them as meatsuits, and others just want them dead. Yasha expresses interest in being god-assassins, but that isn't something Theo can arrange. He starts to dissipate, and Kshanti grabs his Mojo and tries to absorb it. The YOs try to prevent Theo's departure, but Yasha stands up and loses, and the Mojo runs amuck. When the YOs regain vision, they've all been scattered to the winds, separated. 

Scene Four: We Won

Eli's player set this up, and chooses Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god. 

Alaska realizes she's alone and runs, wailing, trying to find the others (she's afraid of being alone). She runs right off a cliff, but is saved by a flying feathered serpent (whom she mistakes as her snake-baby, all grown up, and Quetzalcoatl is very patient with her). He asks if she killed Morpheus, and she says she did, with her minions, so they go in search of the others. 

One by one, Quetzalcoatl finds them and asks if they're Alaska's minions (much eye-rolling happens), until they find Yasha and Quetz realizes that probably she did the real work. In any case, they try to convince Quetz to go back to the tank to get their snakes, but he wants to take them straight on to his brother Tezcatlipoca. In the end, Alaska stands up and wins on Kshanti's Helpless Conviction, and in exasperation, the feathered serpent agrees. 

Scene Five: We're Fucked

I set this up and chose Xipetotec, the god of the harvest and flaying. 

Quetz takes the YOs to his brother in his underground lair, and when they arrive, he's there talking with Xipetotec, wearing flayed human skin and waving around a knife. The brothers talk in a language that the YOs don't understand, but Eli uses their Mojo powers and realizes they're talking about sacrificing one of them (Xipetotec has his eye on Kshanti). Kshanti attacks, meaning to equalize the brothers' Mojo, and Yasha stands up and loses. She sells out Trusted to Believer, and realizes that all gods are equal. The only way to beat them is to be one. She helps Kshanti move Mojo, and their power is equalized, putting Quetz at a disadvantage. 

Second Beat: Reversal (Redistribution of Mojo)

Scene Six: Who Wins

Jacqui's player sets this up and chooses Tezcatlipoca (though he was mostly in the background for it). 

The YOs leave as Tezcatlipoca and Xipetotec fight for control. Quetzalcoatl follows them, and demands that they put his power back. He offers them his ship, and even summons it up. Kshanti, tired of bargaining with these people, attacks, trying to absorb Quetz. She stands up and sells out her Disorder (We Have Everything We Need Inside Us) to Emptiness. She destroys the feathered serpent, pulling out a golden serpent made of Mojo, and the YOs have won the episode...but this ends the game. They take his ship and get the hell off this planet.

Scene Seven: Aftermath

Yasha's player sets this up, and chooses the Valkyries for our last scene.

The YOs are in space, and their odd Mojo signature attracts the space cops. Rather than bargain, though, Eli just flips them off from the ship's windows (standing up with Wrathful). They engage in a dogfight and destroy a bunch of them, and then blast off into warp as Jacqui wins on Alaska's Thrills Conviction. 


The YOs wind up with four Exploits to the Authority's five Systems of Control, so they lose: The Celestial Bureaucracy remains in the place. As powerful and determined as they were, they can't change the system. They're only human. 

They're final fates:
  • Kshanti eventually returns to Bardo and becomes the new warden, always attempting to get Alaska back and teach her the lessons she refused to learn. 
  • Eli goes back to Bardo, too, to be with Theo, and eventually winds up as the new meatsuit for Tea, Theo's sister. 
  • Jacqui descends into the weird world of body modification, trying to get rid of her scars and change herself and others, and slowly becomes less than human as she changes out everything. 
  • Yasha goes to work for the Bureaucracy, assassinating gods on contract, telling herself she's still rebelling, still fighting the system from within. 
  • Alaska marries Yasha, stays at home with their serpent babies, happy, contented, and cut off from the struggle. She remains passionate and creative, and continues designing wonderful and glittery fashions. 
And that's all you get.

And then some Promethean notes. Well, heck. So last time we got to Lexington and wound up in a cheap motel, sure, but the relevant question is: who's in the van?

The obvious response is that it's a cell of hunters. I think I was planning on having them be TFV, but all we know at this point is that their point person (the woman that Skip confronted) feels that they're there to protect people. That might make her a company woman who believes in the mission statement, or it might make them from a different group, but she's definitely not a liar, because she can't be.

I'm actually really tempted to say that they're Network 0, because that compact has a history with the Created in my universe. Beyond anything else, it'd be interesting to have NetZo show up and share info, once the footage leaks. Means I have to do a little digging, but I'm not interested in doing that right now. They could also be VASCU, though I don't think I've established any reason for VASCU to be here (no serial crimes in progress).

Well, the inciting incident here is a) a Wasteland and b) the Firestorm. There's the "guy rips off a car door and saves a dude," which no one is talking about, but I think that's because I forgot about it last time. That seems like something that could attract just about anybody, but TFV is going to be best equipped to deal with Prometheans, so let's stick with them. Footage went out, TFV (and other parties) squashed it, and they're presently guarding the guy Lurch saved (Brent Daley; he's still in the hospital).

Problem is, there's another interested party: the God-Machine. It sent a Destroyer angel to kill Daley. Said angel, the Nurse, is going to go and change his bandages, and in the process give him a heart attack. The Nurse is pretty weak as angels go (P4, F6, R3, Heart-Attack Numen), so mostly they just need to get there.

So we'll pick up as they're in their rooms, getting set up. I'll have the Jovian appear to Enoch, and a qashmal (I want it to look pretty angelic, so like, being of light, slows time in the room, "YOU HAVE ONE HOUR TO SAVE THE LIFE OF BRENT DALEY"). Meanwhile, the Jovian tries to move Enoch toward searching the park some more - there's maybe something interesting to find, maybe, but it's not really telling him anything he doesn't already know.

I think that'll be good for tonight. Assume that TFV is watching the room, but not out in force (I'll want to run that fight on TFV's terms at some point).