Monday, November 13, 2017

Game Prep: Promethean

Haven't run anything in a while (at home, anyway; I got to run a couple of Chill games at Con on the Cob, and that was fun). Tonight we're back into Promethean after a bit of a hiatus due to schedule et al, and beginning a new story.

Most of the time we take a break after a story in this chronicle and play something else as an intermezzo; this time the players decided that the story was light enough that they didn't need the break and we should just keep on Pilgrim'ing. I must be losing my touch.

Anyway, notes below, don't read 'em if you're a player, blabbity-bloo.

So, last time, the throng left New Orleans to head for Lexington after a Lurch sighting. I want this story to be a little tighter than the last one, I want it to wrap up a bunch of stuff for Matt and give Glen some progress on Matt's Pilgrimage, and I want to reintroduce the whole "angels" thing.

So, Lurch, we haven't seen since Burning Bright, which in-canon was in April 2006. At that point he went off with Matt, Andrew, and Bill, but then they got separated after a fire (which we established here, which, by the way, was three goddamn years ago in real time). All we know so far is that there was a Firestorm in Lexington, and Lurch was there. What really happened should probably be informed by the characters and what they're doing Refinement-wise, so:

  • Feather is still on Plumbum pursuing Pilgrim. That's nicely versatile. 
  • Matt is on Mercurius pursuing Explorer, which is perfect for this story's purposes. 
  • Grimm is on Ferrum pursuing Soldier, which is fine, he'll hopefully be able to lean on the strategy side of the Refinement; he's kinda done the fighty-smashy part.
  • Skip is on Stannum, which is going to be something of a challenge, but this particular Role isn't really part of his Pilgrimage anyway, so if at any point he decides to switch off he's not losing anything.
  • Enoch...I actually don't know, because Matt never told me. Dammit. 
  • Avalon is on Cobalus pursuing Deviant, which means she's far and away the most human-tied person in the group, but will be tied to humans in a much more salacious way than usual. Hmm.
OK, so, when we first met Lurch, he was on Aurum. Figure on him switching over to Lead after leading a throng, and then probably Bronze somewhere along the way. In fact, we'll say he was on Bronze when the fire happened that supposedly killed him (very little has been established about that fire or the circumstances surrounding it). Following that, he switched over to Mercurius (Explorer), and that led him to an Athanor outside of Lexington dedicated to Phosphorum. He adopted it and took on the Psychopomp Role, and has been trying to achieve it ever since, and failing miserably. Lurch doesn't understand death; Prometheans can die, sure, but they come back (and he's aware on some level that that only happens once, but it's still a mental block he can't get over). He doesn't understand mortality, and the milestone he's trying to achieve (witness a mortal die without attempting to help) has eluded him. Finally, after hanging around Lexington for a few months (once again becoming local color), he saw a car accident near the Coldstream park. Acting on instinct, he raced over and pulled a door open, allowing the driver to be pulled out and saved...and stepped backwards. 

The resulting Torment called down a Firestorm (remember, he'd been there for a while, so there was a Wasteland built up, which has now been burned away). The official story is still in process: terrorist attack? Gas main explosion? Who knows. The supernatural community of Lexington is pretty heavy on mages and vampires, both of whom would rather keep a lid on this kind of thing, but it feels like there should be a complicating factor, here. TFV, maybe, although as I have to keep reminding myself, about 50% of this throng can't fight for shit. 

Anyway, Lurch is still searching for a peaceful death to witness (not that he knows it), but he's horrified about the Firestorm and has dampened his Azoth to avoid anything else terrible happening. He's hiding out in one of the other parks, still technically on Phosphorum but really leaning toward Cuprum. If he leaves Phosphorum without completing the milestone, that's a shame for him. If he completes it, maybe he could try for the New Dawn and let some of these folks witness it. 

So for today's session: I want to set them up in Lexington, get them a place to stay, and let them start looking for Lurch or whatever else they want to do. Oh, I'm gonna need a qashmal, too. Oh, and then there's the damn Jovian, too! Forgot about that. Well, I'll definitely want to introduce him, and probably point him toward Enoch at first. 

Absent other data from the players, I think that gives me a place to start.