Sunday, October 1, 2017

Happy Sunday! Promethean Notes

Been redlining a Promethean book today, will continue redlining said book later, am now going to take some notes for the Promethean game I'm running tomorrow, players stay out, you know the dealie.

Skip & The Tableau 

OK, so obviously my first order of business is Skip and what happened to him last time. We know that he and Jesse Burning-Bones went out to the refugee campsite to look for spiritual activity. We also know that Skip has achieved a bunch of milestones of late, so I don't feel the need to guide him towards one, at least not anything major. He could theoretically hit Exemplar if he fights a spirit.

But I also need to figure out what's actually there, and it would fun to hint at things to come. So. They're looking for spirits specifically, and trying to figure out what and where Red might be by looking at spiritual turbulence (this, of course, was before the rest of the throng learned where Red might be). I'd kinda like them to wander into an Avernian Gate and meet up with the others, actually. There's a ritual in Book of the Dead that would let Jesse open such a gate, meaning that they can enter that way. So, let's have a tableau, that'll be fun.

Entering the gate, they can wander downwards, following swamp water, until they reach a crossroads. One fork leads to the River of Blood, the other to the River of Hate. The tableau happening there is a man strapped to a table, being cut to pieces by other people carrying axes, machetes, and other bladed things. He bleeds all over the place, screaming curses at the people killing him, and then the scene resets.

Solving the tableau (p. 104, Book of the Dead), in addition to the other benefits, reveals that Red's lair is near the River of Hate. If Skip and Jesse go down the path to the River of Blood, they're just behind Avalon and Enoch, and can following them to Lethe and then to the Web of Names.

The Web of Names

The Web of Names is a Dead Dominion on the River of Memory (meaning that Enoch and Avalon are close). That means it needs Laws n' shit. Let's say that its Kerberos is the Nameless, a long-dead shadowy figure in a robe. Entering the Web of Names is like walking into an old cavern strung with giant cobwebs, but plucking them makes a name echo; characters can then follow the echoes. The characters don't know Red's wife's name (Natalie O'Dell, if they find a way to learn it, but she's long since moved on), I don't think, but Avalon will remember his sons names: Dennis and Byron, Jr.

Byron Jr., the younger son, was the one who electrocuted himself. Dennis was the sniper that Grimm shot (this all happened here). Both boys are now in a Dominion on the River of Hate, which we'll get to in a minute. The characters can ping them and follow the echoes to that Dominion. 

The Hollow

This Dominion, on the shores of the River of Hate, is unfinished. Red and Dennis took it over from the previous owners, but they haven't been able to firmly cement it. Dennis is a ghost, but still armed with a rifle and still dangerous. 

Byron Jr. is in the Dominion as well, but chained to the wall, the anchor that allows it to remain open. Cutting his chains allows him to escape, and the Dominion closes. 

Otherwise, it's Red, his geist, and Dennis against the PCs, and might throw a frenzied Jesse in there just for fun. 

Loose Ends

Of course, the Creeper in the Dark is still around. The PCs can handle that before they leave, or not. I think this session we should kill off Red and Dennis, and then next session handle things like Enoch finishing his Athanor, maybe the Creeper, and a set-up for the next story (which I'd like to be Lurch, I think).