Sunday, October 15, 2017

Game Prep!

I'm reading through AMP: Year One to make a character, but I haven't had time to really dig into it and I need to do Promethean prep, so I'm gonna do that first.

I'm doing AMP next, of course, because +Eloy Lasanta is one of the (many) game designers running Kickstarters this month. His is AMP: Year Four. (Mine, of course, is Undead.) Back them both.

Anyway, Promethean notes ahoy. Players, don't look.

Last time, the characters all zipped down to the Underworld and killed Red, so that arc is over. This session is mostly gonna be clean-up. I'd like this to be the last session in the story. The only thing that kinda worries me is that I want them to take care of the Creeper (that is, the Beast Rampant that Carroll has become) but I'm concerned it needs more of a build-up.

Part of my problem is that I used a Beast NPC who's an Enabler, which makes for a weird Merger, but whatever. Well, lemme think about this.

I would like for everyone to make a milestone this sessions. In order of importance:

1) Enoch should finish his Athanor and complete Mercurius, thus completing Craftsman. No hint necessary, I'm sure he'll do this on his own.
2) Avalon should deal with the Creeper and achieve Vigilante, and then learn Cobalus from DeVries before the next story. See below.
3) Grimm...holy shit. He's presently back on Cuprum so he needs to figure out where the heck he's going. I might be able to nudge him onto Aes, which would fulfill separatio, but he'd need a teacher for that. The other option is to defend Skip to the throng, and like, that's getting less and less likely as Skip gets smarter. Hint about throng connectedness and how he can be a guardian. Ooh, a gargoyle!
4) Speaking of Skip, he's finished Ferrum and he's been given the hint that Stannum is a good choice, so maybe he'll hit Stannum and grab separatio. His fermentatio milestone is also kind of tenuous; as the throng spends more time together it becomes less likely that a) he'll ask them anything and b) that he'll get useful answers, so that might be the stronger one to hint. Hint about throng connectedness and how Skip doesn't know what happened while he was away.
5) Matt. Oh, lordy. Sooooo many missed opportunities. Let's see here. Ceratio is probably better suited to next story, at least now. I think I need to replace his multiplicatio one, although fuck me he could mentor Sicky. Argh. Projectio will have to wait, and I dunno about Chronicler. I mean, he could do it. I'm kicking myself that I didn't just declare that one failed after he missed it before, because I'm afraid he'll be stuck on it forever. Let's shoot for getting him to help Sicky. Maybe Sicky can take up his work! Hint that Sicky should become a Chronicler and take on this task from Matt.
6) Feather. I had hope that her date with Peter LeBeau would lead to her making her "be hurt by being deceived" milestone, but it doesn't seem to be going that way. Teaching someone to fight, either Sicky or Avalon, seems like the best idea here. Hint at teaching/self-defense.

OK, so there's that. Now let's think about the Creeper. OK, well, it still has Alien Allure, and that could be fun to play with. Let's say it lure Parris Mick out, and brings her to the sculpture garden. It's not planning on hurting her, it's just going on Carroll's memory and knows that Parris doesn't like to go out really at all, but really doesn't want to go to the garden. That'll get Parris back into the mix, and it'll potentially provide nice closure for Parris and the Creeper, though of course we need to get Avalon there.

Any other loose ends in New Orleans? The throng needs to finish fixing the place up and Matt started a Wasteland Festering in the storefront, I know that, and Skip cracked a support beam at one point, but I think that's the only thing New Orleans-related that I need to be worried about. I want to end this story with a revelation of Lurch, though, so let's have a Firestorm in Lexington, KY make the news and have Matt see Lurch there.