Monday, October 30, 2017

Chill Notes

Started up a new Chill case yesterday, and took all the notes right before the game started because this week, man. Anyway, I'll do the actual write-up later, but these are the notes, folks.

After paging through Monsters and SAVE and rejecting a bunch of creatures because they either hit horror notes I'm not feeling right now or because they'd be too complicated to play with, I hit on the xaxog (shows up in SAVE). I like the idea of a kind of I Know What You Did Last Summer sort of thing, with a group of college students all sharing the same secret and being fodder for manipulation by the xaxog because of it. So let's set this case at the college where Dylan works (University of Idaho). Xaxog has taken up a lair in the steam plant, and Influenced Greg Abless to keep quiet about it (it doesn't use Greg to do anything untoward because it's smart).

The servants are: Douglas Campbell, Dave Murphy, Jason Drake, Ben Lee, and Joey White. They're all members of the Delta Tau Delta frat. Last season, one of their frat brothers (Sidney Bass) jumped from the Gym Tower to his death. Bass had a history of depression and had been suicidal in early high school, but had managed his condition for years with therapy and meds. The frat brothers switched his meds out - they knew from talking to him and from experience (everyone misses a pill now and then) that a day of withdrawal just made Sidney weepy and cranky. Doug, the chapter president and a bit of a dick, thought up the prank. Dave, Jason, and Ben all switched out a day of pills because they each thought it was their "job" as part of the prank, which led to Sidney's meds being inconsistent for a solid 10 days. Joey figured this out after talking to them, but didn't say anything.

After Sidney died, Doug gathered the boys together and made everyone swear not to tell anyone. Unfortunately he did that near the steam plant, and the xaxog had just moved in and was looking for victims.

The xaxog has the highest influence (not Influence) on Doug, and the least on Joey. The other three are pretty terrified of anyone finding out (Ben is pre-law and believes that they could be held liable, and in any case they would all certainly be expelled). The xaxog has them start with a member of a rival frat Alpha Gamma Rho (Sean Mendoza). It tells Doug that Mendoza knows their secret, uses Illusion to show them "Mendoza" talking to a "cop", and sends dreams to show their lives being wrecked by the fallout. The boys corner Mendoza after a party and beat him to death with chunks of wood; the wood is then taken to the steam plant and burned.

I think Mendoza's death is a pretty good place to start things off. Means I pretty much need to give this to Dylan to get rolling, but I think that's workable. Also means Rob can jump in, or not, whenever he comes back, and I can let Michelle and Sarah choose which characters they think are useful. Postcognition would fuck this right up, but Rob's not here so that should be OK for now.

The hard part isn't going to be the frat boys anyway, it's going to be tracking down the xaxog and dealing with the lair, but that won't be today.