Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blades in the Dark: Unpossessed

Last night was Blades in the Dark. Last time, the crew figured that Strain, the Gondolier they were searching for, was possessed but alive, and was hiding out under a bridge near the Docks. The crew decides that this mission is occult, so they decide their arcane method - exorcism. I make the engagement roll, and off we go!

The crew finds Strain under a bridge at low tide. They flank him, but he tries to run. Copper tackles him easily, though, and Cage pulls out a ghost anchor - a great big chunk of hematite which he affixes to the rock with tar.

Problem is, that reacts badly to Strain's tattoo. The tattoo starts to sink into his flesh (though it does hold him in place), and the anchor starts pulling in ghosts from all around. Copper punches a few of them, and Siren unleashes a barrage of ectoplasm bullets, but then her guns get magnetized to the anchor and she loses them (temporarily).

One Eye figures they'd better figure this out and tries to reckon a way to alter the tattoo and de-power it, but she screws it up. Suddenly she can see (only) the ghost field - the canal water is black nothingness, the ghosts howl in the distance, and she doesn't see Strain, but instead the ghost possessing him. That ghost looks pissed at Cage.

Cage, seeing none of this, whips out his lightning anchor and yanks the ghost right out of Strain. Turns out it's Nyryx - a ghost that Cage captured back in his Spirit Warden days, and who just keeps getting free. The ghost is captured, but Strain is bleeding out (his tattoo has become a wound), and One Eye is incommunicado.

Copper slaps some healing herb on One Eye to calm her down, and One Eye stitches up Strain the best she can, but they figure they'd better get him to the Gondoliers. They load Strain into their boat and flag down the first Gondolier they see...but they aren't real welcome amongst the Gondoliers. The Gondolier opens fire on the with a cannon, and they weather several hits before finally holding up Strain and providing proof of life.

They all come ashore and give Strain over (but Cage keeps the spirit bottle with Nyryx). The Gondolier tells them that this doesn't fix things, but the Gondoliers do look after their own, so this is appreciated. When the crew gets back to their lair, they find another Gondolier waiting with a package of Coin. The score is over, and the crew did pretty well.

Downtime: Everyone heals, of course, and everyone indulges their vice. One Eye works on her false eye a bit more. Copper starts training the demon wolf, intending to eventually make it a cohort for the crew. Cage continues his studies into the Path of Echoes. They've also generated enough Heat to get a Wanted Level, so that'll be exciting, considering they're actually on OK terms with the Bluecoats.