Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Promethean: Meeting of the Scary People

Last night was Promethean. The session involved playing a lot of NPCs, which is something I usually try to avoid (like, I don't mind NPCs but I don't like playing a bunch at once), but I think I manage to make them distinct. It also involved factions of various supernatural forces coming together, which can feel really corny (like, I've played in OWoD games where it's like "we're having a meeting at Elysium, and here's the rep from the fucking Technocracy, which is a totally normal thing!"), but I think it worked pretty well. I do try and keep city supernatural culture in mind, and New Orleans seems like the kind of place that would have more of a community.

Anyway! The characters meet up at the DeVries mansion for their meeting; Avalon was, of course, already there (in a sparkly dress!) having spent the day with DeVries. Folks arrive severally: Jesse "Burning-Bones" Cartwright, a werewolf. Pearl Chastain, a vampire. Anita Guiterrez, a Sin-Eater. Charon arrived with two other mages (Mort and Sebek). Carroll (whose last name is Zachary).

Skip talks with Jesse about ghosts and spirits, and Jesse gives him kind of a 101: Spirits get more powerful by eating others like them, but if they eat something else, they can become magath, weird hybrid spirits. Ghosts are basically people-spirits, which means that, like, people, they're unpredictable. A chaos-spirit like Nergal is acting chaotic because that's it's nature, but at least you can trust that it'll act that way reliably. He mentions, too, that every spirit has a Ban and a Bane, a way to repel it and a way to kill it. The more powerful the spirit, the more complicated or obscure its weakness. Jesse also asks Feather if the man she killed deserves it (Jesse has a sense about these things), and notes that Avalon is the only one of the throng who's "clean."

Pearl chatters happily (and flirtily) with Grimm and then Matt. She laments that New Orleans has moved away from the blossoming town it was back in "her day" (the 19th century). Anita warns Grimm that the tone of this meeting might turn ugly quickly - the throng might wind up exiled if things don't go well.

The whole party moves into the conference room, and since the throng is such a...well, a throng, the assemblage chooses one of the characters to speak for the throng: Skip. The others kind of look nervous, but Skip acquits himself well. He summarizes what happened with Red and answers their questions to the best of his knowledge, and while Enoch nearly blows the whole thing by being rude (DeVries shoots him a please don't fuck this up sort of look), by the end of it the other factions agree to help the throng in tracking down and killing this thing. Grimm, also, blurts out that Feather punched Skip off the mountain in Colorado, which led to him landing in the Hedge - this of course is the first time Skip has heard about that. Skip achieves a milestone for enduring social pressure without lashing out, achieving his Martyr Role.

Afterwards, the assemblage moves back into the front room for dessert. Skip hits the bar, and Matt tries to talk to Feather, but she's not in the mood. Pearl questions Grimm about what happens if a vampire tries to feed from one of them, and Grimm says he isn't sure but he's willing to find out. They go out into the garden, where Matt is wandering sulkily. Pearl bites Grimm...and then turns, wretches, spits out yellow bile (Frankensteins don't have blood) and lunges at him.

Meanwhile, Skip approaches Feather. She apologizes - she was in the midst of Torment when she punched him off the mountain and doesn't even remember doing it. Skip, who recently had his own bout with Torment, understands and forgives her, and achieves his ceratio milestone: Confront Feather.

Matt runs in to tell DeVries and bring the rest of the throng, but Pearl has already put Grimm in a headlock and starts ripping open his neck. The others arrive and pull them apart, and Pearl gets herself under control - she's terribly embarrassed. Grimm handles the situation nicely ("Lesson learned!") and they head back into the party. Pearl insists on replacing his shirt.

Jesse, meanwhile, talks with Matt. Matt claims to have died and that the end of the Pilgrimage shows a way "back" to the people they were, but Jesse talks him through this misconception - James Canaday died. Matt rose up, and is alive. The death that happened wasn't James', so the life that follows can't be his, either. Matt thanks him, and the party starts winding down.

The throng asks Jesse to check out the remains of the camp, to see if any lingering spiritual instability would make it unsuitable for baiting Red. Skip agrees to go with him. Avalon catches a ride back to town with Carroll, and the others wait for a cab. Matt decides to walk. It's a nice night.