Friday, August 11, 2017

Promethean in the Distant Mists of Monday

It's Friday, you see, and I kept meaning to do this write-up but I've been sick and at work.

Anydangway, last time, we had a bunch milestones. This time, we were missing Feather (because Michelle was sicker than me so she stayed home).

Skip is still at the hospital and Parris had whispered "Nergal" in her sleep. When she wakes up, Skip tries to ask her about it, just to see if she remembered something from a dream, but Skip is not the most socially adept of Prometheans at the best of time and winds up putting her into Disquiet. Parris kinda smiles and nods, asks for a nurse, and Skip gets the distinct feeling he's no longer welcome. He heads for home, calling ahead to have Enoch send Feather out to watch over Parris.

Meanwhile, Avalon, Matt, and Grimm are headed across the river with Charon to get some juice back. They ask about the meeting coming up with the various supernatural folks in the city, but Charon still doesn't know where it's going to be (lots of political nuance there he isn't privy to). They get to the power station and juice up, and then feel Azoth call to Azoth. They followed it back and meet an Osiran, also there for a top-off. Matt uses Heed the Call to take his Measure, and the man introduces himself as Paul DeVries.

The throng chats with him; he's been in New Orleans for a while and he's acquainted with Sicky, Barbara, and (formerly) Papillion. He owns a big house outside of the French Quarter and is a venture capitalist, which surprises the characters (they're used to Prometheans being poor). He talks with them, asking some rather probing questions, including asking Grimm which of the throng he finds the most troublesome (Skip, of course), but then points out that if the problem was really Nergal, and Nergal is gone, what's the trouble?

He gives them a lift in his boat and offers to take them back to his place for dessert. Avalon is game (she sees in him a direction for her Pilgrimage), but Matt wants to head back to the town to check on Parris. He puts it to Grimm to break the tie, and Grimm, uncomfortable, agrees with Matt. DeVries shrugs and drives them back. The Prometheans head back to the storefront (after Matt checks in with Feather).

Skip and Enoch are at the storefront with Sicky (Sicky is bouncing a ball against the wall like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape; turns out Sicky used to hole up in a Blockbuster store at night and watch movies). They talk and Skip reveals that he doesn't really know all that much about Nergal - where he came from, what he wanted, where he went, even what he was. They call Barbara to come over and she says that based on the description Skip gave, Nergal sounds like a spirit of chaos or mischief, but without seeing him it was hard to know. He might not have been able to follow Skip into the Hedge when he flew off the mountain, but again, who can say?

The others arrive in the midst of this, and Grimm wonders if Nergal might be the spirit that was now driving Red, but isn't sure if that was the kind of spirit that worked with "the Bound." It's late, so the Prometheans bed down for the night.

In the morning, Avalon calls DeVries to hang out, and he comes to get her and takes her out on his boat. They head out into the gulf to go swimming, and Avalon notes that DeVris is missing his genitals (it's traditional for some forms of the Osiran creation ritual; DeVries doesn't seem bothered). They swim and talk for a bit, and then DeVries gets a call. At first he refuses whatever it is the caller asks, but then something changes his mind. He informs Avalon that tonight, he'll be hosting a meeting, and she can just come back to the house with him and get ready. He's sure he has something she can wear.

The others spend the day doing...things. Enoch continues work on his Athanor, while Grimm pesters. Grimm also reflects that his choice not to go with DeVries was counter to his Refinement, and falters a bit on his Pilgrimage; he sticks with it, but is a little unsteady. Skip heads to the library to research spirit summoning and occult stuff, but isn't able to find much of real use. He calls Charon, who recommends he talk to Jesse Cartwright at the meeting - Jesse's a ghost and spirit hunter and a decent sort.

Sicky and Matt spend the day walking around the city noting any remaining Pilgrim Marks for Matt's atlas, and get back in time to learn that the meeting is tonight at DeVries' house. Sicky kind of blanches a little; last time it was there a werewolf kinda went nuts and ripped the place up a bit. His name was Jesse. "Cartwright?" asks Skip. "I don't know," says Sicky. "I just knew him as Jesse Burning-Bones." "Great."

(Sicky also mentions that while werewolves don't succumb to Disquiet the way human beings do, it does make them more edgy and angry.)

So with all of that mind, when we reconvene, we'll have this big meeting at the DeVries house.