Sunday, August 6, 2017

Chill: Phantom Hitchhikers

Yesterday we played Chill. We were down a couple of players, but I wanted to play, and it was a good place for it.

Dylan, Edward, and Jeannie were recuperating from their last case, and BB went out to LA on business, so that leaves Dee and two heretofore unseen envoys to investigate this case. The envoys are Willa Lane (a woman from an abusive family who accidentally killed her father when he went after her mother) and Jordan Ramsey (a former EMT and now part time massage therapist who was attacked by a ghoul while on the job).

Dee had heard through her usual grapevine that a man down in Bruneau, ID (a town of about 550 people south of Boise) had had a paranormal experience, so the three of them hop in the car with Sweet Baby Jesus (the dog, remember) and head down there. They stop at the diner, run by Stewart Myers, the guy they're there to interview.

He tells them that he was on his way into town at night when a man ran out from the woods and flagged him down. The man - who said his name was Bryan - was black, mid-30s, and didn't seem injured, but was obviously scared. He told the envoys that Bryan got in the car and told him to drive, and then asked to use his phone. Stewart didn't hear what Bryan said on the phone, but when they broke the treeline and could see the town, he glanced over and Bryan was gone. His phone was on the seat, with some kind of milky gunk on it.

Stewart wasn't aware of any local legends about a phantom hitchhiker. Willa, pretty well-versed in ghost matters, notes that normally in these stories, the hitchhiker is a girl, and the fact that "Bryan" was frantic and scared might indicate something else. Stewart reports no after-effects; no harm came to him.

The envoys decide to head out to where Stewart picked Bryan up. They stop the car and wander in the woods a bit; Willa finds some stuff on a tree she identifies as ectoplasm, indicating they're on the right track. They have to be careful, though; the ground has multiple little crevasses, very easy to trip and break an ankle. Jordan senses the Unknown and follows the scent (that's how she perceives the Unknown, as a foul smell) back to a deep crevasse. They toss a road flare down, but can't see anything of interest. It looks about 25 feet deep; they'll need gear to get down there and out again.

They head back into town, and Jordan stars to feel ill. She uses Disrupt and feels better for a moment, indicating that something Unknown has touched her. They arrange with Stewart to stay overnight (there's no hotel in town and Stewart has a spare room), but Jordan is really under the weather, so Willa drops Dee at the diner to try and talk up some of the locals while she goes to buy supplies.

Dee talks with some unfriendly old-timers and the local pastor, but isn't able to learn anything about the hitchhiker. Apparently, it's not a local legend, suggesting it may be something more recent.

When Willa and Dee get back to the house, they see that Stewart is sick, too, though he's still ambulatory, just fluish. Jordan, though, is in bad shape. She's dehydrated and only barely conscious, and guess what, she's the medic. Willa calls Darnell at the bunker and has him head down, and bring whoever's handy.

Next session, we'll see who's handy.