Monday, July 24, 2017

Promethean Notes

Notes, notes, notes. I actually haven't taken notes on this game for a while, largely because the players have been keeping things going just fine without me introducing new stuff. But, I think a quick break to keep things in perspective is good. So, players, don't read any more.

Right, so. Last time we had a lot of good introspective RPing, which of course is why I love Promethean so much. Matt is now going for Chronicler, which he'll get soon, because the Pilgrim Mark dictionary is entirely appropriate. Skip is going for Martyr, which, like, having him get the shit kicked out of him physically is passe, but having it happen socially is fun and lets me pull the characters into some kind of supernatural meeting of some kind (I like those).

Feather is on the right track for Chronicler, and Avalon is just about done with Craftsman. I actually want her to finish that up today so that she can pick a new Role, but also because I like the idea of Red killing Carroll and making him become the Beast Rampant. I kinda want to set that up a little more, and having a meeting between Carroll, Charon, Anita, the throng, and maybe a vampire...oh, wait, shit, I forgot: I've got werewolves in this city, too. Fuckin' Iron Gates pack. Hang on, gotta find that write-up. Oof, that's old. OK, so Iron Gates was a Blood Talon pack, specifically Lodge of Cerberus, so I'm not sure I need to worry about them specifically. Jesse Cartwright from Lodges: The Faithful is in town, too, and he's actually a good character, here - not a ghost or a Sin-Eater, but a ghost hunter, and I think he and Grimm would get along.

So, what's the plan? Avalon's working on her painting and I want to give her some time to finish that. I also want to give Matt and Feather some time to work on their respective projects, and for the other folks to do...whatever they're interested in doing. So I'll give everyone two days of downtime, and that means that game "restarts" on Monday, June 9, 2008 (characters have been in New Orleans for about a week). Tonight, I think, we'll have Red do something awful; he's still looking to kill the folks that killed him. Starting a fire in a building a few blocks from the throng's would be good (burning their building is coming next), so...ooh, how about Parris'? I'll give someone a chance to see that coming and save her.

Sounds good.