Friday, July 28, 2017

Character Creation: Golden Sky Stories

A little later in the day that I normally make characters, sure, but why not.

The Game: Golden Sky Stories
The Publisher: Starline Publishing
Degree of Familiarity: None. I've read it.
Books Required: Just the one.

I grabbed this book off the shelf yesterday to read while Cael was at occupational therapy, and it's a really fun-looking and well-written game. In Golden Sky Stories, you play henge; animals that turn into people sometimes. They're kinda-sorta animal spirits, but maybe not in the way we'd think of that in the US (the game is Japanese, and influenced by, among other things, Miyazaki's movies).

The stories here are deliberately non-violent, which I think is cool; the stakes are low in general but important to the people in question. It might seem childish, but on the other hand, the stakes in a lot of RPGs are pretty silly if you think about them. At least here, where you might be called upon to reconcile two friends who are fighting over a pretty rock one of them found, the stakes are understandable.

Anyway! First thing we do is choose what kind of animal. There are six possibilities; I think I want to be a dog (bork! bork!). Since I am a dog, I get six powers: Doggie, Sticking Close, Petting, It's All Right, Substitution, and Howl. Honestly, it'd be worth playing this game just to have a power called "Doggie."

Now I divide up Attributes. I get 8 points, and they have to at least have 1, except for Adult, which I can put at zero if I want to be all like "WHAT'S THAT JANGLING THING! A PHONE?! WHAAAT?" I should think about my doggie a bit.

Well, nothing says he has to be a Japanese breed, but Akitas are adorable, so he can be an Akita. I kinda want him to be a pet, so he's got a little girl who loves him and named his Acorn. Akita is three, but when he turns human his human form is 16 - a little older than some other henge, but Acorn (or Shu, as he's called when he's human) is tall, lanky, and has big feet that he hasn't grown into yet. His owner's name is Michiru, and she likes to put her arms around Acorn and hug him. He doesn't mind.

So: I think I'll put three into Child (helps me play and wheedle), two into Henge (my magic), and three into Animal (run, hide, sniff). That leaves Adult at zero, but eh. It'd be fun to play.

I have to take a Weakness, which gives me an additional power, and I can take up to three. I'll take Collar (I have an owner that I can't go against, but I also have a Home); Clumsy (my Adult is 0 and I'm kinda clueless, but I can also Persevere); and Naive (I never think badly of people even when I should, but I Love Everyone).

Normally I wouldn't start with any Connections (not without a group), but because of my Weaknesses I start with a Connection to Michiru and one to Everyone, and that finishes me up.

Neat! I'm a doggie! Bork bork!