Sunday, May 7, 2017

Feng Shui Prep

Once again into the breach, dear friends.

Last session of Feng Shui was good, though everyone (me included) was pretty tired. I used a tool called the Destiny Deck and wound up writing the scenario out of that. I'm tempted to do it again, but I dunno. We're coming to the end of this game, and I've got an idea of where I want to go with it.

But, for that, you'd need to read on, unless you're playing in the game, in which case sod off.

So, obviously the final battle is going to be against the Eternal Chameleon and his lackeys. I had an idea about pulling back Featured Foes that they'd fought before, but I dunno. I can't think of any that are really important to these characters now that Thrill Kill and Wu Tang are gone; Celeste and Bai never really developed enmity with any of the other folks. As such, I think it's better to introduce some new folks and get them into Eternal Chameleon's clutches.

We know that for Chameleon to resurrect, he has to use a ritual, but it does seem to change based on the Juncture he's in. As such, in ancient China it's going to be much more sorcery than science. I like the idea of needing the blood of a Dragon, but I don't want him to kidnap anyone. Ooh, I have a thought.

So, the Dragons are traveling with a contingent of soldiers (mooks). So I'll have the first fight in tomorrow's section introduce a couple of dangerous Feature Foe type people and hopefully clear out their mooks, and then have a trek through a dangerous trap-filled kind of place for a change of pace, and then a battle against spirits - the Vengeful Dead. And then the next session they can really mix it up against Chameleon and his posse. That means I need to stat some folks.

Scene One: The Foothills

The Dragons and the soldiers approach the foothills of the Mountain of Storms. There they get attacked by Demon River and his Avalanche (mooks). 

Demon River
MA: 14 Def: 13 Tou: 6 Spd: 7
Arrows: 9, Fists: 8
Ablative Lackey (if a mook is still up, the mook goes down instead of DR taking WP)
Kneecapper (when hits with Outcome of 3 or more, target loses 3 Spd until end of fight)

Ghost Tears
Sorcery: 13, Def: 13, Tou 5, Spd: 8
Blast: 10
Garrotte of Destiny: After first sequence, all heroes lost 1 Fortune (and then again at beginning of subsequent sequence)
Don't Turn Your Back: +2 to Attack if not attacked since last she attacked

Lying Dream
MA 13, Def: 12, Tou: 5, Spd: 6
Cyclical Flow: Damage = shot number + 5

Lightning Eater
MA: 14, Def: 12, Tou: 5, Spd: 5
Rock Hard: Anyone making unarmed attack takes 2 WP
Nuh-Uh: When hero spends Fortune, spend 3 shots and attack that hero

Scene Two: The Mountain

Once the characters finish with Demon River's folks, they can enter the mountain. The mountain contains four traps:
  • The Blade's Embrace: Tiny, cramped hallway with blades that randomly pop out. Martial Arts or other applicable skill check, difficulty 15 to get through unscathed (failure just does 5 WP but the character bleeds). Diff 16 protects up to one other character. 
  • The Demon's Mouth: A rounded cave with a horrible smell. Toughness check difficulty 7 to power through; failure means character lose 3 WP to barfing. 
  • The Deluge of Pain: Big open area with no cover; arrows fly from the ceiling. Defense check, difficulty 14, to get through unscathed (failure takes 10 WP).
  • The Endless Road: Hallway going on forever. Will check (base 7). Failure gets caught up in the loop. If everyone gets caught up, session ends, last fight doesn't happen, characters wake up captured. 

Scene Three: The Vengeful Dead

Characters emerge from the Endless Road in an endless cemetery. Spirits rise from the grave to fight characters, along with: 

Summoned from beyond to kill the characters, crazy spiritual beastie.
Creature 17, Def 15, Tou 7, Spd 8
Claws 15
Back to the Wall (if attacked by more than one character, shot cost of standard action drops to 2)

I think him plus a bunch of nasty ghosts probably work, especially for the last fight of the night. And then the characters can crawl out of the sepulchre into whatever awaits them for the last fight.