Sunday, May 21, 2017

Feng Shui: One Last (Prep) Time

And now we come to the last session of Feng Shui. Players, stop reading now.

I'll wax poetical about the game in the final game write-up, I think. For now, I need to prep some stuff so the Dragons have some shit to do tomorrow.

So, goals for this session:

  • Bring the whole thing to a conclusion in a garden with Bai meditating with his sister. Now, his sister is dead, she was possessed by spirits and they forced her to commit suicide. So that's, um, heavy, but we've never really unpacked that. 
  • Lord Smoke needs to either get the antidote to his poison or have a chance to get it and refuse in order to, like, kill the Eternal Chameleon or save someone or whatever. 
  • It would be nice, though not crucial, if we addressed Melody's magic and how she's doing it, I guess. 
  • Chrys' melodramatic hook (and Celeste's, really) have been thoroughly explored and mined, so they're basically along for the ride at this point. 
  • Big note: This actually ends the war, which means it should be some heady shit. I like time travel and bringing junctures together, so maybe a chase across timelines could be fun.
So, last time, we ended with them having infiltrated the Mountain of Storms and climbing into a sepulcher and toward the Eternal Chameleon. So let's try and sketch this out a little. 

The Eternal Chameleon can resurrect himself in any juncture (or even a splinter juncture), but he can't repeat a juncture until he's cycled through all of them. He's resurrected himself in the other three junctures, but now he's got to resurrect himself here in the Ancient juncture or he's basically toast. The requirements for resurrection vary from juncture to juncture (it was quasi-scientific in the future, for instance), but here in the Ancient juncture it's all about the sorcery. 

So he's got a horde of Lotus Eaters ready to die for him to give him the chance to resurrect. He's also got hopping vampires and probably other monsters ready to go, and Ghost Tears, the sorceress who Cheesed It last time. 

I don't want this to be just one fight, but I also don't want this to drag on until 11PM, so I need to be careful. Mixing fights with other kinds of challenges worked pretty well last time, and I think it's in genre if the Dragons have to run a kind of gauntlet before fighting the Eternal Chameleon. Of course, I also don't want everyone sleepy for the last fight, and I want a little decompress time afterwards. 

I like the idea of Ablative Lackey for the Eternal Chameleon (a ghost just dies in his place), but then I also had this notion to have refreshing minions (like, minions that refresh, not mint-flavored ones). I have an idea, though.

Scene One: Resurrection

The Dragons crawl into the ritual room where the Eternal Chameleon is reforming in a vat of sweet-smelling liquid. They watch as a minion pours blood into it (and Bai can totally sense it's Chrys and Smoke's blood from the Blade's Embrace). Blast of magical energy and the resurrection starts. 

So, what's the challenge, here? I think let's start things off with some foreshadowing. The magical blast rips them into the Netherrealm, and the way is blocked; big rockslide and creepy things crawling out. I don't want that fight going on much past one sequence, so no Featured Foes, just a bunch of mooks and some way to be clever and move the rocks. Actually, no, you know what, I'll throw Ghost Tears in here and remember her damn power this time.

Ghost Tears
Sorcery: 13, Def: 13, Tou 5, Spd: 8
Blast: 10
Garrotte of Destiny: After first sequence, all heroes lose 1 Fortune (and then again at beginning of subsequent sequence)
Don't Turn Your Back: +2 to Attack if not attacked since last she attacked

Scene Two: The Roaring Waters of Time

I kinda want to address everyone's remaining melodrama, which is basically the poison and the sister. So I think I want entering the gate to lead through junctures (the Chameleon's resurrection is causing a critical shift, which is breaking the rules somewhat) that lets us see Bai's sister's death. 

I think I can let Amanda mostly take the reins here and let us see what happened to Bai's sister, but we need to fold in the Chameleon somewhat; maybe it was a previous incarnation of his that sent the spirits or summat. 

This is connective tissue; we resolve the scene and let Bai talk to his sister's ghost, maybe, and then things fade back into the Netherrealm and the characters can get into the room again. Save the poison for later so we don't front-load all the melodrama.

Scene Three: Race Across Junctures

So once they get the rocks moved, they can get back into the room, but now it's empty. That'll let Celeste be all detectivey, and then they can follow the trail to contemporary and get into Chrys' car and drive through time. Oh, I like that. WHERE THEM CHASE RULES AT. (They're on p. 147.)

OK, so we get magical sorcerer-cars driven by contemporary mooks, meaning that we get a fun car chase. If the Chameleon's car loses, the Dragons get to pick the juncture where they end up, and the Chameleon is weakened and confused (-2 to Speed and -1 to Defense for the first sequence). If not, then we end up back in the Ancient juncture as the Chamelon regains his full power.

The driver here needs to be a Featured Foe, obviously. 

Red Yin
Attack 14, Driving 15, Defense 13, Tou 5, Speed 7
Tire iron (10)
Muscle car (3/6/6)
Rehearsed Getaway: -3 Chase Points when heroes narrow the gap
High Gear: If Red Yin's Initiative is lower than hero's start at hero's -1.

Scene Four: The Final Showdown

So it's either going to be in the Ancient juncture (on the top of the Mountain of Storms, winds howling, rooftop of the castle, adverse conditions like who) or wherever the PCs choose. 

Start off with Eternal Chameleon and an army of mooks (like 20). I think that by this time, we'll have had enough normal combat and stuff that the cat-and-mouse game will be interesting. 

The Eternal Chameleon
Sorcery 16, MA 14, Def 15 Tou 7 Speed 8
Magic blast 15, strike 9
Back to the Wall: If attacked by more than one hero in a sequence, shot cost drops to 2
Eternal: Can spend one shot and roll Sorcery (diff 13) to jump into any mook; any hero can spend a shot to make a Will check to ID him or three shots to identify him
Ablative Lackey: If a mook is still up, mook goes down instead of him when he takes WP
We Need More! Each sequence, four mooks enter the fight. 

Any of these schticks (other than Back to the Wall) can be affected by Celeste's Counter-Ritual. It'll shut down Ablative Lackey and We Need More! entirely, and just adds to the difficulty of Eternal. 

Somewhere during this we need to add in the poison issue; there's one patch of mountain flowers that blooms every X hundred years or whatever and Smoke could zip over there and get it or, like, save Melody or Fang. That'll be fine and melodramatic, I just need to remember to do it.

Scene Five: Aftermath

So obviously some screwing with time is going to be important here. I think that when they beat Eternal Chameleon, there's a critical shift; everyone gets blown back to their junctures and the feng shui of the world gets shaken up and kind of resets. Give everyone an epilogue and call it a day.