Monday, April 17, 2017

Promethean Notes

Ok, gotta make this quickish.

Stop reading, players.

Finally got around to statting Gator. Gator is a sublimatus created by Barbara and it's kind of become her questing beast (which raises a couple of issues about how best to use it for the PCs, but frankly they might need help to take it down; it's pretty badass). So, next time they go out to the swamp to kill the little gator-Pandoran, I'll have them meet Barbara. Which means I should stat her. Goddammit.

Haven't statted Red yet, but I still need to read the Geist files and that's time consuming, so I guess I'll let that sit a while longer yet? That needs to happen soon, though.

And then everyone had plans today.

Skip was going to fix up the storefront, which isn't really something I need to devote a lot of time to.

Avalon's player didn't note down what she was doing, though I think that she's got a date with Carroll and I thought about that already. He's gonna try to figure out what hurts her and where she's vulnerable, and then have her paint it. Might try and give her a Condition or something to represent that; the easy way is to say her uses You Deserve This, but that seems mean.

Enoch is heading to the basement where the angel was hanging out, which is perfect for giving him a chance to revise his answer to the angel. I think that's a perfect place for an Elpis vision, so let's say he has one there, showing him the difference between angels and angels, and asking him to consider what being an "Explorer" means.

Feather was going to go handle the Pentimento thing, so I'll let that happen, let her see Parris' Ramble and get all Vitriol-ic. She's also got a hook with Peter LeBeau, who could very easily fulfill that "be deceived" milestone for her.

Matt's player also didn't note what was he was doing, so I supposed I'll have to wing it?

Grimm was going to find Charon (I don't quite remember why) and get a new face, which is very exciting. He'll be using the Spare Parts Bestowment, so there's a system for that already.

I think that'll be good for today.