Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Promethean: Lights Out!

Last time, the lights went out in New Orleans. But let's rewind.

That morning, Grimm saw Justine, who asked for his help in tracking down some vampires. She led him to an abandoned house, lured him downstairs, and there he saw a huge, weird, intricate machine. He barely had time to register that when she shoved him into it and it immobilized his arms. Her human form melted away, and she revealed herself to be a metallic being on a track.

Her hand flipped open to reveal a small sawblade, and she said she needed to look through his memories a bit. He resisted, but he was also immobile, so she sawed into his head and had a look. She looked at the events of Tuscon and the Bad Angel, and when the memory of the angel's prophecy "played", it looked choppy, like a glitchy DVD. She told him, by the way, that she was looking for someone (a thin, Middle Eastern fellow), but Grimm didn't know him and the woman (an angel, she said, but she didn't have a name) didn't expect her to.

Grimm activated his Morning Star Alembic and melted through the metal holding him (burning his hand in the process) and punched the angel, knocking part of her metal face off. She sighed and, apparently, prepared to re-restrain him...but then the power went off, and she slumped over. Grimm burned his way out, and headed for his throng.

Meanwhile, said throng reconvened by Cafe Dumonde. They could already hear breaking glass in the Quarter, and worried about their storefront. They decided to head there. On the way they saw a bodega getting looting; Feather tried to talk one of the thieves, but he just threw a bag of chips at her head. He tried push past Avalon, but she stood firm, and he finally gave up and left. Another guy tried to run out with money, but Skip clotheslined him, and he wound up crawling out. The shopkeeper tossed Skip a candy bar in thanks.

Grimm, running back, saw what looked like a couple of guys making out in an alley...but Grimm knew a vampire feeding when he saw one. He interrupted, and the victim ran off. The vampire, however, pulled out a badge - he was a cop. Grimm wasn't impressed by this, and the vampire wasn't impressed by Grimm's gun, so they just kind of glowered at each other until Grimm left.

Everyone got back to the storefront around the same time, but there was a problem. Two cops were standing near the storefront, back to back, surrounded by an angry mob. There was a woman on the ground, bleeding from a head wound, and a nightstick nearby. Didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened.

Feather ran over to help the woman. Grimm, realizing that Phosphorum has some great tools for this, activated Morning Star and became the de facto leader of the mob (taking the Reckless Condition for doing it without flaring disfigurements). He had the mob put the woman in the cop car (along with Feather), and had the rest of the mob disperse to go make sure no one else was getting brutalized. Avalon told the cops to sod off and not hurt people, and the Prometheans holed up in their storefront.

Feather, meanwhile, went to the hospital with the injured woman, and while there wound up talking with a cop named Peter LeBeau. Peter took her name ("Robin Schwartz") and info, and told her that he wasn't going to make an issue of the whole "stolen cop car" thing, given the circumstances. She mentioned she was in town on vacation; he said he was a lifelong resident and asked if he could show her the nightlife. She agreed and took his card, and headed back to the store.

Grimm told the throng about what he'd seen, and showed Avalon the piece of the angel he'd punched off. She analyzed it with Stone, and realized that it was metal that simply didn't exist - there were no current processes that would produce it, though in the future there might be. The metal then melted right through Avalon's wax skin and unfurled, linking in with her gears, and she gained an HUD.

The angel appeared and talked with her, and explained that she was looking for someone. She also explained that not all of the angels the throng had seen were properly angels. As this was happening, though, Avalon was losing Pyros; the characters decided to take this back to the basement and see if they could get the whole apparatus (or...Infrastructure?) working. They stole a car battery or two on the way.

Once there, Enoch tried to route it so that the battery would grant a steady supply of power rather than quickly shorting out, but he fucked up (dramatic failure for a Beat!) and when the battery went on, it sucked all of Avalon's Pyros out. The angel woke up, though, and talked with the characters. She flipped through Avalon's memories, seeing the interactions with angels and the trip to Chicago, and then said she'd figured out where the person she was looking for might be. She also revealed that the Bad Angel was an angel like her, but the others (the Seraph, the Bright Light, and Wolfpack) were qashmallim. She was unclear on the difference, except that angels like her had missions that she understood, but she wasn't sure what the deal was with the others.

And then she folded up into a cube and collapsed in on herself, becoming simple carbon. Avalon grabbed some, planning to make some art. The characters headed home - they all have plans for tomorrow.