Saturday, April 15, 2017

Notes Right Quick For Night's Blick. Er, Black. Agents.

Yowza! Exciting session coming up, I'm sure!

(This is where players stop reading.)

So, last time, the agents finally got off their asses, went to the Isle of Man, and captured two security personnel and Obrad Burgarcic. So now we have a little issue.

Bugarcic, as written, knows who's at the top of the pyramid, but I don't want to give that up just yet. There are three points of Interrogation amongst the agents. Bugarcic has had some training in resisting interrogation, but he's an old man, he's not going to outlast the agents. There are other issues, however.

Sheela Smith

Sheela is Burgacic's bodyguard. She's a native of the Isle of Man, and served in the British Special Forces before going merc. She's come to like and respect Obrad over the last few months, but she isn't willing to die for him. She's had training in resisting interrogation, and can last seven days before cracking (spending Interrogation drops that to three and grants a second clue). She'll be susceptible to Negotiation, too, but only if the agents keep their word, whatever that might be.


  • Obrad Burgacic has been going back and forth to London and Blackpool to handle business for the museum, and to send personal correspondence. Sheela isn't allowed to know who he contacts, though she has a number and an email to call with a panic code. (core)
  • She has already activated that panic code, meaning the conspiracy is searching for the characters.
  • Most of the other security personnel are from Eastern Europe, and Sheela doesn't share a language with them (she speaks a little Russian). 
  • Obrad is polite, friendly, and homesick. He likes to talk about his work at the museum and talks about Tesla as though he knew him (that is, he's clearly an expert). 
  • She knows nothing about vampires. 
  • She knows of Vilmos Hajnal but has never met him. She doesn't know any of the agents' other targets.
  • Sheela was given this job when Obrad came out to the Isle of Man. There was something living in the house before her name Adam, but she only learned enough about him to pretend they were cousins (what she learned was a cover). She's never met him.

Matis Bagdonas

Matis is hired security. He was sent here two weeks ago as part of a personnel rotation. He has been trained to resist interrogation, but he's young. He'll last five days without a spend or one day with an Interrogation or Intimidation spend. 

  • He was briefed about the characters and told to shoot on site, because they were terrorists and killers. He notes that he was right. (core)
  • He has never heard of vampires.
  • He knows of Hajnal and is terrified of him. He's heard the names "Janos Sas" and "Nikita Utkin" but doesn't know who they are. He's met Davor Klobucar and thinks he's creepy. 
  • His orders were changed right before he came here; he was supposed to go to work security in Lithuania but got pulled last-minute because his superior liked him (apparently the Lithuanian gig is a rough one). 
  • Matis is from Lithuania himself, and speaks Lithuanian and Latvian, and is conversational in Hungarian and Russian. He loses those languages if intimidated or injured. 

Obrad Burgacic

Burgarcic has been trained to resist interrogation and relies on a storytelling methods; he knows that he can wait for help. However, he's old and frail. He'll last three days without a spend, and talks immediately with one. 
  • Bugarcic knows that the "vampires" have only been around since the 1950s. He claims that Hajnal was the first. (core, and revealed to be a lie if someone mentions Bullshit Detector) With a spend, he reveals that Hajnal was not the first, but likes to pretend he is. He claims not to know who the first vampire was (spend Bullshit Detector reveals this is untrue, but he won't tell them; his heart gives out first)
  • Burgarcic's research is centered around Tesla's correspondence, research, and devices, some of which are still in the US. He's been working on this collection for decades. He's also very interested in clean energy. 
  • Burgarcic has personal contact information for Utkin, Sas, Hajnal, and Klobucor. Those contacts are worthless because the panic code was activated; the best they could give the characters now is a previous location (which for Hajnal is useful). 
  • Burgarcic has bits and pieces of knowledge about the rest of the organization, but knows more about the scientific side than the criminal side. He can't help the agents find Hajnal, but knows enough about Janos Sas and his routine to be useful. 
  • Since the panic code went live, "he'll be looking for you, and he'll find you." (He means Tesla, but if asked he'll say Hajnal.) He can tell the agents what the various masters will do when the code hits, except Hajnal, who keeps his own procedures secret. 


Burgarcic sent out the panic code, which means the conspiracy knows where the characters were. They brace Janos again, but he doesn't know anything. They head for England and start working from the Isle of Man, looking for clues. 

So let's run this like a chase. Lead starts at 4. We make rolls every day. The conspiracy always adds 5 to its roll; characters, of course, can add much more if they put effort into stay hidden or moving around. Some modifiers:
  • Agents move everyone: -2, but +2 to the next roll.
  • Agents cause Heat: -3 to their next roll
  • Decoys and other tactics are dependent on traits and spends
When the conspiracy catches up, they full intend to kill the agents and Burgarcic, if necessary. If the agents leave Bugarcic and run, they won't pursue unreasonably.