Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Misspent Yutes, Episode Two

What is "yute?"

Anyway! Last session is here, this session below!

Authority Figures:

  • The Kennel Master, who controls the Cereboi
  • Charybdis, the Ongoing Storm, that disrupts communications not sanctioned by the gods
  • ArachneTech Clothing, a clothing manufacturer that makes all the YOs uniforms, run by an incestuous brother and sister
  • Tea, Theo's brother, the cafeteria monitor and nutritionist
  • Quan Yin, the god-like force that surrounds Bardo and "helps" the YOs come to terms with their crimes
Friendship Questions:
  • Khsanti asks Alaska: "How do you feel about me being so young?" Answer: "It worries me but I'll never let on."
  • Alaska asks Yasha: "What happened when you were brought here?" Answer: "I was brought in fighting and kicking, and thrown on the floor; Kshanti came to comfort me and tend my injuries."
  • Yasha asks Jacqui: "Where were you when I was brought in?" Answer: "In solitary for drawing sigils all over my room."
  • Jacqui asks Eli: "Who did I overhear you have a crush on?" Answer: "Theo."
  • Eli asks Kshanti: "What secret of yours did I discover?" Answer: "There was a piece of my birthright in my mother's knife."
Scene One: What's Up 

Eli's player handles this one. She chooses the Kennel Master. 

We start off the day after the last session, after morning working. The YOs notice that the Kennel Master is nearby on a floating chariot, and two more Cereboi are swooping through the air. They realize they're looking for the one that the YOs destroyed last time. Figuring that letting the Kennel Master actually find the black box would be bad, they set out to distract him. 

Yasha approaches the Kennel Master and talks with him; they met once at a party that Odin threw (events of which led to Yasha coming to Bardo). The Kennel Master remembers her, and they chat amiably enough for a moment. 

Meanwhile, Kshanti climbs up a hill and tries to seize control of a Cerebus with her new Mojo powers. It stops, but the gears start to grind; her control is still imperfect. Alaska and Jacqui sneak into the barn where they destroyed the other Cerebus and try to find the recording device, but despite Alaska nearly electrocuting herself reaching into the now-sparking parts, their efforts are in vain. Yasha's player rolls and fails, and the Kennel Master recognizes the distraction. A Cerebus smashes through the wall ("OH YEAH!") and catches Alaska and Jacqui red-handed. The YOs also note that bits of their outfits get warm...an ArachneTech feature they didn't know about.

Kickoff: This episode is about being punished.

Scene Two: Fighting Back

I set this up. I chose Yasha's question to Jacqui about being in solitary. 

And, indeed, the YOs are in solitary. Kshanti is meditating. Alaska is a little panicky; she hates being alone. Yasha is pissed, and Jacqui pulls out her paints; she knows the drills. Eli, though, isn't there; they didn't do anything to break the rules last scene. Eli, therefore, wanders out to the free-standing solitary building and sneaks in. They use their Mojo power to knock out the guards...meanwhile, though, the other YOs can review footage of what they did and get computerized voices asking them to contemplate. That footage was from shoulder-level cameras sewn into their collars. Are they to have no privacy? Needless to say they aren't much interested in their rehab. 

Alaska strips off her clothes, stomps on them screaming "VAGINA VAGINA, ME ME ME" and then shorts a wire, setting the clothes ablaze (and her player rolls and wins on Eli's Disorder We Are All Created Equal). The YOs are released from solitary as the building is evacuated, and they start heading back to the main building. 

Beat: Reversal (getting released) Question: What can the YOs get away with?

Scene Three: Heating Up

Jacqui's player set this up, and chose ArachneTeach. We pick up back at the main building, in Alaska's room. Jacqui asks Alaska for help accessorizing, preferably to block out the camera's feed a bit. Alaska, not surprisingly, is all about this, and the YOs get to work on fixing their clothes. They decide not only to screw with the cameras, but to use their Mojo powers to muck with the footage and frame the Kennel Master for their crimes, making him look complicit or like he was framing them. Yasha's player rolls and wins on Alaska's Disorder (Wants to be Loved), and they footage is altered. 

Scene Four: We Won

Yasha's player set this up, and chose Quan Yin.

The framing took, so now the YOs get the participate in a trial for the Kennel Master. They each give testimony (standing on nifty light-up platforms) while Quan Yin, or rather, a three-story hologram thereof, runs the show. The Kennel Master, naturally, tells the truth, and everyone enters a kind of dreamscape/trial by fire sort of thing. Dogs charge at them (hologram dogs), but they dismantle that illusion and reveal it to be fake. Yasha's player rolls and wins on Kshanti's MO (If You're Gonna Do Wrong, Buddy, Do Wrong Right) and the YOs convince Quan Yin that Kennel Master lied and framed them. He is taken away, and the YOs are returned to their dorm via nifty pneumatic tubes.

Scene Five: We're Fucked

Alaska's player set this up, and chose Tea, the nutritionist.

The YOs wind up back at the dorm after dinner, so they go to the cafe in time for a plate of flax seeds an unsweet honey...yuck. Tea's nutritional program is meant to keep the husks supple and beautiful until such time as they're needed for a god. The YOs, Alaska especially, are having none of it - Alaska wants chocolate. It comes out (well, Jacqui gleefully reveals) that Eli has a big crush on Theo, which horrifies and disgusts Alaska in particular, but Eli points out that as a member of the House of Stone, they appreciate finely sculpted bods.

This is all very well, but it gets the YOs no closer to chocolate. In keeping with the episode's question, they decide that Eli will distract Tea and the others will sneak into the kitchen and steal ambrosia, the food of the gods. Eli chats with Tea about her brother and a potential intense exercise program, while the others creep into the kitchen and try to fast-talk the kitchen gnomes working there. Kshanti rolls and fails, but sells out Altruism to Unctuous, and shorts out the gnomes with her Mojo powers. The YOs steal some ambrosia and sneak back to the rooms. The stuff takes the form of the food they want, and enhances their powers temporarily - Jacqui finds she can manipulate her blood and create bruise-art, for instance.

The next day, the YOs are taken out to the kennels. The skeletal dogs are there, but they're sad and listless. Jacqui forms some of the ambrosia into biscuits, but they just kind of sniff at them.

Beat: Discovery (the Cereboi love their master)

Scene Six: Who Wins

Kshanti's player sets this up, and chooses the question between her and Eli about the birthright.

They're at the kennels, and Kshanti mentally contacts Quan Yin, revealing the YO's presence, their magic, and Kshanti's regret at lying. Eli, however, with their particular master of Empathy, shuts that down, and calls Kshanti out on nearly getting them pinched. They argue about this a bit, and they start manipulating Mojo again (I'll be honest, I'm having trouble remembering the stakes in this scene, which is weird). They wind up losing, but Eli sells out Outrage to Wrathful and win - their powers stay secret and Quan Yin appoints them to help care for the dogs in the Kennel Master's absence.

Scene Seven: Dust Settles

Back around to Eli's player, and she chooses her question to from Jacqui about the crush on Theo.

It's pool day, and the YOs are in the swimming pool, nekkid, getting their laps on. The pool is huge and bottomless, and the strange creatures lurk beneath. Theo is there, as well, helping facilitate swimming exercise, which everyone but Eli just finds really funny.

Jacqui decides that because she manipulate blood, it might be amusing to make Theo, erm, a bit tumescent in places. Gods aren't supposed to fraternize with people (though of course it happens), and certainly not with inmates. Eli asks for help getting the stroke right, and Jacqui starts activating her sangromancy. Alaska's player rolls and wins on Pride, so Theo gets a bit too into it, then swims away awkwardly and heads for the showers.


The YOs have won the episode, and they choose Theo as their new Exploit (he's compromised, and they can use that).