Sunday, April 9, 2017

Character Creation: Remember Tomorrow

Two characters in two days, whaaaat? I know, crazy.

No political agenda today, just straight to the game. Feel free to go back one entry, though.

The Game: Remember Tomorrow
The Publisher: Box Ninja
Degree of Familiarity: None, but it's real short and easy to follow.
Books Required: Just the one.

Remember Tomorrow is by the same company and author as 3:16, and is similarly simple, mechanics-wise. It's also GMless, or rather, control of the game passes from player to player. I admit that I just kinda read through the character creation section, but I'm totally gonna read this in more detail, because it looks like fun.

Also, as an aside, it's kind of an oddity for me because I own a physical copy but I know I didn't Kickstart it (it predates Kickstarter) and I don't have any memory of buying it. It's position in the list indicates I've had it for a while, so maybe GenCon 2010 or so? Dunno.

Anyway! Remember Tomorrow is billed as "Near Future Roleplaying," set in a fast-paced world of travel, money, sex, and cyberware (kind of). You make up characters, Factions, and Goals, and end an episode when three characters or Factions are Written Out. Sounds like my kind of thing, actually.

So, we start with an Identity. I could pick, but I'd rather roll. I roll Torpedo, which is a hired killer. I'm OK with that, mostly because I like the notion of them being called "torpedoes."

Next, Motivation. I roll Freedom. Ooh. I'm an enslaved Torpedo. Jet Li in Unleashed comes to mind.

Oh, I'm supposed to have a Handle already. Um. Going with the torpedo metaphor, my guy is named (rather, called), /sub. Pick your wordplay, here. He's "subscribed" (whether he wants it or not). He's subservient, submissive, sub rosa. Subterranean, sometimes.

Next, Gear. All cyberware, because someone else holds /sub's leash. I'll take jacked reflexes, jacked senses, and a throat snake, which is a really disturbing mod that has a thing with teeth pop out of my throat and kill people. Bleah! I roll for...I guess the companies that make these? It's not clear yet what effect that has.

Parameters are Ready, Willing, and Able. I get 12 points to divvy up, and I have to put 1 into each, but if anything goes to zero than I'm Written Out. I think that Willing and Able are /sub's strong points. I'll put 2 into Ready (he never plans), 4 into Willing and the remaining 6 into Able.

Next I get one Positive Condition (PCon) and one Negative Condition (NCon). So. For positive, I think I want Dangerous. /sub is ready to kill. He's not used to questioning why or whether, he just waits to be "launched." His NCon is "Trapped." Someone owns him. He doesn't know who. He doesn't care (right now). He might even change owners frequently (which plays into the "subscribed" idea).

And then a Goal, which has to be tied into my Motivation. I'm Ready, Willing, and Able to achieve it, and those notions play into the scenes. Neat!

OK, so, /sub's goal is to get free. He wants to find his Kill Code, which will delete the software running in his brain that controls the Throat Snake (which would kill him if he goes off mission). He calls the snake Silas. He doesn't remember why.

And that', actually! If I were actually playing I'd have to make up a Faction, but since it's just me and I need to go cook dinner, I think we'll call it good.