Saturday, April 29, 2017

Board Game: Timeline

Yay! Games!

The Game: Timeline
The Publisher: Asmodee
Time: 10 minutes per game, if that
People: Me, +Michelle+Danielle+Jerry, Renee, +Shoshana

Had the pleasure of playing this game at New Mexicon, on Sunday afternoon, as we stared blearily into time and waited to go to the airport.

OK, we were really all blearier than this.
Game Play: This game is simple and fun. You get a hand of four cards, each of which has an event and, and on the back, a year. A card is played face up, for your starting point. On your turn, you play a card into the timeline, trying to get the year right.

As Danielle explains.
The events range from "creation of bronze" to "Titanic." (I did note, however, that certain events that have movies named after them you have to look carefully to see what's on the card; I drew Titanic and immediately thought "1912" before I realized it said "James Cameron" on the bottom.)

Once you play a card, you flip it, revealing the year. If you're right, great, move along. If you're wrong, you put that card where it goes and draw another one. The object is to lose all your cards.

Opinions: We apparently played this with a bunch of expansions (it's Danielle's set, though we own one, too, which is why I counted this toward the list), but the game play is the same either way. It's nice and simple to understand and it teaches you a little history. It's also mindless enough to play on Sunday of a con and portal enough to fit in a pocket of a bag or purse. Win-win.

So perky!
Keep? Yep.