Thursday, March 9, 2017


Leaving for Breakout today. Meant to do this Tuesday, but y'know, best laid plans blardy-blar. On we go.

Last time, the characters started fixing up their place. This time, they started off continuing with that, and then split up to go do things. Grimm was not with the group; he'd gone to meet with a friend of his, Justine, who was apparently in town (ignore that ominous music in the background, won't you?).

Skip wanted to go find a set of brass knuckles (since taking on the baby-leg-gator-Pandoran was on the agenda). He asked Sicky, who said he knew a dude who could probably help. They went to a seedy-looking bar and Skip talked to a guy named Red, who sold weapons. Skip, however, set off some Disquiet, and Red wound up jacking up the price on him. Skip, not interested in that and feeling threatened by the dudes standing up to menace him, took a swing.

The fight ended quickly; Skip punched one dude in the chest and dropped him, and broke Red's nose. One guy grabbed a sawed-off shotgun from behind the bar, but Skip had activated Zephyrus and was pretty hard to hit. He warned the guy not to shoot, and left. He'd been feeling Vitriol rise, but when he left, he felt it fade, like he'd missed something. He did reflect, though, that beating down the guy with the shotgun when he was clearly scared rather than hostile wouldn't have been right, and thus he made a minor milestone (suffer a setback due to honor).

Meanwhile, Feather and Matt went to visit Parris Mick. She invited them up to her studio and talked about her work a bit, and showed them a painting she'd titled "Pentimento." Feather noted that the term meant that she'd painting over an existing work, and Parris agreed that she had, but wasn't sure what it was. Feather offered that she had a friend who might be able to help with that (figuring that Avalon, using the Stone Alembic, could probably do it), and Parris agreed, but was reluctant to let the painting leave.

Everyone regrouped (and the Prometheans noted that Skip had been clocked on the head pretty good). They talked with Sicky a bit, and Feather noted that he'd maybe been in town too long. Sicky said that he was afraid to leave; he knew this city and he felt he was too weak and stupid to be elsewhere. The throng offered to let him tag along when they left, and Sicky was very moved.

They decide to go looking for Pilgrim Marks; Sicky knew where a bunch of them were. He led them around the city, showing them where other Prometheans had marked their progress (of course the real prize was the camp, but they wanted to wait until Grimm was back to take that on). Sicky noted a mark that said "be quiet" and told them to shush, but Skip noted a spirit in the shadows and greeted it. And then a door opened, and a short man in a nice suit greeted Sicky, and asked if they wouldn't like to come in for a drink.

The man - who introduced himself as "Carroll" - was genteel and polite. His storefront was a photography studio, consisting mainly of stark photos of homeless people, destruction from the hurricane, and suchlike. He obviously knew who and what Sicky was, and recognized the other Prometheans for what they were, but noted that Matt "smelled different." He talked to them about vampires and mages in the city, and when they asked what sort of weirdness he was, he said, "just think of me as your cousin."

Carroll made Skip and Feather nervous, but intrigued Avalon, especially as they talked about art. He asked her to come to lunch the next day so that they could talk about her style of artwork. Sicky was uncomfortable (terrified, really), and the characters asked why. Carroll said he'd show them, and Sicky stepped out for a minute (he'd seen this already). Carroll vanished, and the room's shadows lengthened. The Prometheans felt miles away from each other, and constantly felt that something was behind them. And then Carroll reappeared and the light came back.

Carroll told them that he'd be happy to help them on their journeys if he could; when they asked what he got out of it, he replied that it was nothing in particular, he just found the process fascinating. He told them that when Parris had arrived on the art scene (he seemed unaware that she'd been a Promethean, but maybe it just didn't come up) that she'd been broken, depressed, and a mess, but that she'd found her pace and done well for herself.

The Prometheans bid him goodbye and headed out. Skip wanted to go across the river to the power station (one of the dudes had clocked him with a bat pretty good, and he'd burned through most of his Pyros anyway). The brought Charon a po' boy, which he appreciated, and Matt joined Skip for the trip. They got to the power station and Skip healed up, and then Matt decided he'd try it - maybe he'd given up too soon before. He grabbed the lines and felt searing pain...but he pushed through it, and felt his Fire flare again. He made a milestone (reignite his fire)...but then every light in New Orleans went out.

Next time, we'll deal with the blackout.