Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Game Prep: Something New

Fun fact: The words "something new" conjure up either a line from the Amazing Stories episode "Family Dog" ("something new!" "What's that?" "A recipe I found in Suburban Paradise magazine! Tater pops and cheese whip!") or this song by Hozier. But anyway, I'm gonna take some game notes and you should stay out if you're playing in these games!

Feng Shui

Really I should do Night's Black Agents first, but whatever. 

So, last time, the Dragons fought the Jade Wheel folks at the museum, mostly so I didn't have to stat new people. This time, they're gonna deal with the White Serpents, a gang that has, like, sorcery going on. So I think it'll be like this:

We need a good backdrop for this fight. I'm thinking big corporate structure. So there's a big skyscraper in the downtown area, Leon (the Eternal Chameleon) and his White Serpent buds are there along with Thrill Kill Mandrill. So we've got sorcerer mooks, the deadly ape, Leon himself, and we need some featured foes.

First Fight


Sorcerous Cultists (9):
Sorcery 9, DV 12, Tou 5, Spd 5
Spells (8)

Snake People (4):
Martial Arts 9, DV 12 Tou 5, Spd 6
Toxic punch (10)

Featured Foes:

Jun Ji, vassal sorcerer (young, eager to prove himself, topknot that turns into a blade)
Sorcery 13, Def 13, Tou 5, Spd 7
Topknot (10)
Cursed Weapon (if hero misses a weapon attack, all subsequent attacks with that weapon have -2 attack and +1 shots)

Vincent Koo, modern sorcerer/cultist (pretty, nice suit, guns and magic)
Sorcery/Guns 13, Def 13, Tou 5, Spd 6
Pistol or Blast (10)
Inspire Fanaticism (when a weapon-wielding hero attacks Vincent and 1 mook is still up, spend 1 shot. 1 mook goes down. Roll a die. Odd: the attack is nullified and the hero is disarmed)

Black Butterfly, sorcerer vassal (younger, beautiful, mute, magic black wings)
Sorcery 13, Def 13, Tou 5, Spd 8
Blast (10)
Energy Drain: +2 attack if any hero spends Fortune since BB's last attack

White Viper, snake person badass 
MA 14, Def 12, Tou 6, Spd 6
Scimitar (10)
Poisoned blade: After a successful attack, hero takes -2 attack until beginning of next fight (only once).

Second Fight


Security staff (10)

Guns 9, DV 12, Tou 5, Spd 5
Pistol (10)

Featured Foes:

Linda Tung, head of security (dedicated killer, black suit, twin handguns)
Guns/MA 13, Def 14, Tou 5, Spd 6
Pistols (10), Punch (7)

Hungry Rabbit, hopping vampire
Creature 15, Def 13, Tou 4, Spd 5
Claw (11), Bite (8)
Contagion (p. 198)


Thrill Kill Mandrill
Guns 17, MA 15, Def 14, Tou 7, Spd 7
Back to the Wall: If attacked by more than 1 hero, standard action = 2 shots

Sorcery 16, MA 14, Def 15, Tou 7, Spd 8
Blast (12)

Back to the Wall: If attacked by more than 1 hero, standard action = 2 shots
Group Effort: +1 damage for each hero who hasn't attacked Leon this fight.

Kinda want Leon to survive, but it's not necessary, since we know that there's a cult that resurrects him. 


Night's Black Agents

Last time, the agents kinda got clobbered and wound up in Florence in a safe house. I ended the op there, but I'm not entirely sure why. I guess just in terms of narrative it felt right, but their fat is still very much in the fire. 

Well, let's have a look at our contacts. Never mind, the only one I could conceivably turn is that dealer from Istanbul. So, the characters have a target-rich environment but they need to make a plan. They're stuck for at least a week while they heal up, and the conspiracy is going to be looking for them all the way.

The other problem is that Sedillo and Koltay are in London, not even on the same continent, and while the conspiracy doesn't have a lot of reach there, they can sure get an assassin there in very short order (since, like, the whole Isle of Man thing). 

I've done most of the prep, really (it's here), so this is more about keeping pressure on. They need to keep moving, make a plan, and take the fight to the conspiracy. Failing that, the conspiracy can find Koltay and Sedillo and they can find clues to lead them to the Isle of Man on their bodies.


So, really, the big thing is that I need to stat some creatures, but I have time to do that since we didn't play on Monday. I need to stat:
  • The gator-sublimatus
  • Red
  • The demon
  • The angel that's screwing with Grimm
I don't need to stat Carroll right now, but let's at least nail down a few things: He's an Eshmaki Enabler. He doesn't know what exactly "Roles" are in a Promethean's context, but he's broadly aware that Prometheans are attempting to become human and do so by taking on certain tasks and learning lessons. He doesn't mind helping them, but he also isn't above feeding on a failed attempt (in fairness, he's noticed that failure helps Prometheans learn as much as success). He's planning on trying to figure out what Avalon is hiding from and getting her to confront it; if it's something she shouldn't do, he might be able to take Satiety from it, if not, it'll be a good lesson for her (see, he's a good guy). 

Meanwhile, Grimm was hanging with an angel disguised as Justine. It needs to be able to assume different forms based on a mental skim of a character, and I think we need to have some quick Infrastructure that can immobilize him (that a power outage can short out). So we'll narrate the first bit of that, have Grimm get captured, and maybe have some dissection/dialog before the power goes out and Grimm gets free. 

What else? Well, the power is out in New Orleans, which is going to mean looting, fights, and other trouble to get into. So let's have a few scenes: 

Feeding: The characters see a vampire (Peter LeBeau, Mekhet Invictus) feeding on a man in an alley. If they stop him, he frees the man (he can call in a favor to have him killed or Dominated later), and squares off with the characters (he knows he can't fight them, but he's perfectly willing to Obfuscate). He can also call in reinforcements from the police and make the characters' lives very difficult. 

Looting: A group of men smash in storefront windows in the Quarter and start stealing shit. The characters can try and stop them (they'll run if attacked with any real force or if someone fires a gun), but they aren't going to be able to stop all of them. 

Carroll/Parris: If they think to check on Carroll, he's defending his place just fine. Parris is watching the street from her upstairs window; her storefront might get attacked if the PCs think to go there.

Brawl: A brawl between police and looters. Two cops are standing back-to-back with a swarm of angry looters around them (one of the cops whacked a looter in the head with a nightstick). No one wants to be the first one to rush them because that guy's getting shot, but the police don't have enough bullets if the crowd really goes apeshit. 

Sicky: Constantly urges the throng to seek shelter and get out of the streets (decent opportunity for Matt to make a milestone). 

That'll do. Just gotta stat some things.