Saturday, February 4, 2017

Night's Black Notents

These are notes for the Night's Black Agents game later today, which I really wish I'd have done after the last game back before freaking Xmas, because I have vague memories of "ooh, gonna do a thing!" and now they're faded, muted, dreams of greater times, like our fucking democracy.


(Players no read. NO READ, PLAYERS. BAD. *WHAP*)

So, my intention was for the conspiracy to track them back to the villa and I had a good way for that to happen, but now I totally don't remember it and that's bugging me. I can't remember if there was a failed roll or something during the last exchange. I do remember that the conspiracy was watching them during the time they were hanging out in the warehouse, and so knows they got out of the country. I also just made a roll to flip Jonas Strayovich, Gambone's dirty cop buddy, and guess what, they flipped him.

Now, Strayovich doesn't know about the villa, but he's also not going to require much work to tell the conspiracy what he does know...which, as I look at this, isn't much. He knows Gambone is a criminal and has ties with the Italian mafia, which probably gets the conspiracy looking to Italy, which isn't an area they have a lot of influence anyway. But, Hajnal can certainly call in some favors. The trick is that it's the Church that arranged the villa, I think.

Actually, it doesn't much matter; Hajnal can hire muscle in Italy and get them to the villa. I think he can't really get his own guys in there (both in terms of "Eastern Europe" and "vampires") but sends a bunch of dudes with weapons in. Their orders: Kill everyone. No prisoners. Having learned from previous mistakes, Hajnal has them set up spotters a good distance away watching the fun, and if the PCs escape, they're to tail them. Actually, let's have Anatoly Lugonov, their best buddy from Mykonos, there as a spotter.

Now, this does bring up another question, which is: When does this op end? I think I could end it either way today; either the agents find the spotters, take them out, and get away clean, or they have to keep running and never know if they're being watched. The villa in flames would be a nice ending image. I'd also like for them to have some idea of where to go, though, but like, it's not that they don't have targets, so I don't feel the need to drop something obvious in their lap. If they capture a dude and interrogate him, they can learn some things (said dude knows that Hajnal hired them because they guy that he sent to do it, Klobucor, dropped his name and you just don't do that unless you're being serious). That happened in Venice (close enough to Croatia that that's how Anatoly got in; if the PCs keep an eye on criminal movements they might catch wind of that; let's call that a Streetwise or Tradcraft spend before the shit goes down).

So mostly today is going to be fightin', maybe some cat and mouse in the Tuscan hills, and then getting out of Italy.