Monday, February 27, 2017

And the Oscar Goes to...Feng Shui!?!

No, I just have to do some game prep is all. But seriously, wouldn't a movie based on Feng Shui be amazing?

Anydangway, last time the Dragons beat up a bunch of mutants, faced off against Si Borg's reanimated flesh, attuned a new Feng Shui site, and lost Wildfire to radioactive explosions. So now they'll be headed back into the contemporary juncture to pursue Melody, Celeste's sister.

Players, stop reading....NOW!

So, I want this story arc to delve into sorcery more. We know that Leon is still alive (because they didn't see him die, and we know Thrill Kill Mandrill is still alive, for the same reason). Likewise, waaaaaaaay back here the Dragons fought a group of Jade Wheel folks. The Ascended want to reduce magic in the modern day, and at the time, they wanted to take away the characters' Feng Shui site at their headquarters, but that was when they were paling around with terrorists like Leon. The Ascended might well feel that the Dragons are a little more agreeable these days, and since the PCs are the Dragons, they can approach them for parley. But, as they do, a mysterious stranger sets off an explosion! He's wearing a uniform similar to the Ascended!

That's good; that'll let both groups assume that the other is throwing down. And I can let the players decide where we have this fight, because it'll be contemporary juncture and they can let Celeste and Johnny (both from that juncture) drive things a little.

But then where does that leave Melody? She was kidnapped by rogues before the game kicked off, and Celeste's vision had her surrounded by mandalas and magic. Clearly, her kidnappers were sorcerers, and that means Leon is involved. I think this is going to involve some detective work, tracking Leon back to the Ancient Juncture, but I think that Melody might be the one to provide key information to find him. Let's say that Thrill Kill is in the contemporary juncture, building up his forces and looking for Melody as well. He wants to kill her before she can talk to the Dragons. Meanwhile, the rogues who kidnapped her...well, let's get some info and buy-in from the Dragons and we'll nail that down a little.

For tonight, though, I want a fight with the Ascended folks (the Feature Foes plus, let's say, 10 mooks, since they're really just there for backup). I don't expect the fight to go too long, because surely someone will say "hey, parley!" before it gets too out of hand. So then, they can hunt down the saboteur, and that's when we get into the real fight - sorcery that dominates all of the Ascended Ones and their mooks, and forces them to fight the Dragons for real!

So, we've got:

Big Ban Wei (huge, muscular, club, Contemporary): MA 15, DV 11, TOU 7, Speed 4
Don't Turn Your Back (MA 17 if has not been attacked since last action)
WP: 35

Spider Feng (tiny, lithe, martial artist, Ancient): MA 15, DV 13, TOU 4, Speed 8
Cyclical Flow (damage = current shot + 5)
WP: 35

Zep (driver, stays in car and shoots, Contemporary): Guns 14, DV 12, TOU 5, Speed 6
Parting Shot (if Cheese It successfully despite attempt to stop, PC takes 14 WP)
WP: 35

Captain Ping (uniform, starts with the mooks, Contemporary): MA 13/Guns 12, DV 10, TOU 6, Speed 5
Bark of the Underdog (TOU 8 when half the mooks go down)
WP: 35

And then later, when they face the sorcery folks, we also get:

A Dude in Robes: Sorcery 14/MA 12, DV 13, TOU 5, Speed 6
Domination: Spend 1 shot, hero makes Will check (DV10). If it fails, Dude spends 2 more shots and chooses the hero's next attack target.