Thursday, January 12, 2017

Promethean: Return of the 7th Angel

Monday we all got together and talked about Promethean.

It's been a while since we played this game (last session is here; thread with the whole game is here). We generally take some time off between stories, but then we took a solid year off (partially because we had other games we wanted to play, partially because schedules got weird, and partially because I was waiting for the core book to be done).

But now the core book is done, and I even have copies! And I'll have Condition Cards before too long, which I'm so looking forward to, you have no idea.

Anyway, Monday we got together and did a step of character creation that didn't exist when we started: The Pilgrimage. I asked people to define some Roles and Refinements, and leave one for me to do. Some folks did the minimum, some folks want a lot more on their Pilgrimage. It's gonna be fun. I really wish we'd make the Pilgrimage a more player-facing thing in 1st ed, but hindsight and all.

In game, the characters are headed down to New Orleans at Feather's request. Matt decides he's going to try and find Lurch, his creator, first. He heads to Biloxi, MS, where Andrew Write said that Lurch was last seen (in a burning warehouse). Matt found a Pilgrim Mark, meaning "keep going." He's continuing to follow Plumbum, and working on the Ascetic Role for the moment because he wants answers about who and what he is. Plus he needs to re-ignite his Pyros. He's still a Promethean-without-Fire.

Notes: Clearly I need to get his Fire going again, and probably need to set up something with Lurch for a future story.

Everyone else takes trains and so on in a leisurely fashion down to New Orleans, with Enoch spending his ill-gotten money to finance the trip.

Feather learned about Rambles during the last story (reading Hank's Ramble was part of that), and is becoming fascinated by the idea. She's looking to hear others' Rambles and compose her own, so she's switched to Plumbum and is pursuing the Chronicler Role.

Notes: She needs exposure either to other Prometheans or at least to their Rambles. Since I ran a story sent in the Big Easy once before, I can mine that for contenders. Of note: Her Pilgrimage is high, so it'd be fun to have a step backwards (not like she'll be hurting to raise it and she can't attempt the New Dawn yet anyway).

Enoch is trying to master Mercurius, so he's moved on to the Explorer Role. This is purely an intellectual pursuit for him.

Notes: Enoch is a highly cerebral character and I want to engage him with humanity some more. His Elpis is Parenthood, FFS, which actually dovetails nicely with some of Feather's backstory. And, Matt and Michelle play nice together.

Grimm gets the distinction of being the first PC in this game to take up Phosphorum! He hooked up with Andrew Write and learned the Refinement not long after leaving Chicago; after being so staid and reserved he wants to cut loose.

Notes: I'm excited about this one. Not only have I never seen Phosphorum in play before, but it'll be interesting to see Matt playing Grimm not being so...well, grim. He needs to be able to take risks and thrill-seek, which shouldn't be terribly hard.

Avalon is off of Aurum and back on Mercurius, working on the Craftsman Role. She was doing art with Emile close to the end of last story and wants to focus on art to cope with not being around Emile (or Ollie).

Notes: I really like putting Avalon into relationships and watching her desperately cling to them, but it'll be nice to let her be a robot for a while. She and Enoch are both on Mercurius, so there's some alchemy happening here, but they're going in different directions with it.

Finally, we get Skip back. He fell into the Hedge, wandered around a bit, but wasn't able to really progress because the Hedge doesn't know what to do with Prometheans. He had an adventure with some changelings, which we'll explore a bit on Sunday in a one-shot. He pops back into the world somewhere near New Orleans. Ferrum/Solider, which is what he was working on when he went in, because hasn't really made progress. Nergal has gone away, replaced with the Benign Festering Merit.

Notes: So, the big thing here is Skip returning to the group, but also whether Avalon decides to tell anyone that Feather actually punched him off a damn mountain. Without Nergal I think Skip will be less trying for the group, but we'll see.

OK, neat. Now I just need to do some prep and a shitload of Milestones.