Monday, January 23, 2017

Promethean Notes, yo

So, like, don't read this if you're a player.

Oh, lordy. Been a while, and I'm sleepy, but I'm running this tomorrow and tomorrow I will feel better.

Anydangway. What I need is something to get the game rolling, introduce Skip, get people back into the groove, and set up whatever the heck I'm going to do with the rest of the story. I also need to come up with a bunch of milestones.

So what do I want to do with this story? Feather wanted to go to New Orleans because her visions seemed to be calling her here. Skip came here because he met someone in the Underworld who told him to come here. I want to get back into the whole "angel" thing, and there's still a demon that knows too much about the Principle, but I kinda feel like that should be a later story. I really like the idea of Red coming back as a Sin-Eater, and that feels like an appropriately New Orleans thing. Oh, and, there's the camp, which was destroyed, but there might still be Prometheans in the city. Or not, I dunno. OK.

Well, this group is never terribly proactive, so it's helpful to have something working against them. Let's have that be Red. 'Scuse me a minute.

Ha. A minute. Now it's tomorrow. Blargh. Anydangway, I feel like having some free RP to get the characters back into things, then introduce Skip (who's emerging from the Hedge and immediately senses the throng) would be good. So maybe I'll have them decide where to go, and then have Skip emerge in the ruins of the old camp. Ooh, that'll be good anyway because Feather's doing Chronicler. And there should be some menace; flux-tainted alligators or some shit. I can stat those up real quick tonight. That'll be good, that'll give me time to stat Red up as a Sin-Eater before next session, and then today when I get home I can focus on milestones.