Sunday, January 15, 2017

One-shot Notes: Promethean/Changeling Hoedown

May not actually contain any hoedowns.

I'm running a one-shot tonight, so I should take some notes. This is involving Skip, the Ulgan Promethean from my ongoing game (The 7th Angel) and Ellie Graves, the Telluric changeling who was last seen in this one-shot. We've also got Sabrina Rae, a Waterborn changeling who bought her way out of Faerie, and Whisperer the Rat, a Whisperwisp who escaped by getting dirt on his former master.

So, where do we go with this? (Players stay out.)

Well, one thing jumps out at me: Other than Skip, who is a badass, none of these characters have any combat skill at all. Like, a dot here and there, but it's not what they do. Oh, no, wait, Sabrina's got some Street-Fighting. OK, so they'd be OK in a fight. There's some decent Social skill (Whisperer is kinda badass at manipulating people and learning secrets), too. Not a lot of theme. Hmm.

OK, Sabrina is a waitress at a diner, which gives us a pretty good start. Let's say Ellie got a request from someone (maybe the Man Jack); there's a thing in the local Hedge (I'll figure out what "local" means in a sec here). Specifically, a Harvestman has taken up residence, and it's leaving traps and treasures for people. The Goblin Markets aren't going near the place anymore, having lost a wagon to the thing, and changelings in general are avoiding it. It's even webbed up the entrances to Hollow - now changelings can get into Hollows from Earth, but not in and out from the Hedge. Worse still, it recently snared the Spring King of the local freehold. I think I'll put this game in New Haven, CT; that's where Ellie's from (that area, anyway). The Spring King's name is Mist; he's a Fairest Treasured, and used to being stuck. He's trapped in the web, and other changelings have tried to free him, but not all of them have come back.

Getting rid of the thing means sneaking up on it, but no changeling, not even a darkling, has proven to be that stealthy. Ellie comes to Whisperer to find out if he's heard any rumors of someone who could help, and it turns out he has - there's a being that stalks the Hedge. It's not a hobgoblin or a changeling, but something far stranger still, something that is so quiet and so clever that the Hedge itself doesn't see it. Finding it would be the problem, and of course Whisperer has no idea what it might want, but it could sneak past the Harvestman.

The thing, of course, is Skip, still blundering around in the Hedge ("still" is relative). So the characters need to find him, explain the situation, and convince him to help. Then there's just the matter of sneaking through the Harvestman's lair and finding Mist, freeing him, and hopefully killing the Harvestman. Sounds good.