Monday, January 16, 2017

Feng Shui Prep!


Last session is here. Obviously we need to get Wildfire back, but beyond that, we must consider how long we wish this particular story to go on.

And now, time for the page break!

We've seen the visions from Wu Tang and Chong Do come to pass. This is Johnny's vision being explored, and I think this ends when the Dragons take control of the Feng Shui site. Ooh, just got an idea.

Si Borg was killed protecting this place, but he's not entirely dead. His cybernetics have been reconfigured into a monster, currently behind the Psycho Siblings. I think this session should be a good exploration of the caverns, fight some cave-crawling mooks, end up with a fight in a big camp-type area with Psycho-Si stepping up like a baws. That'll work. Then they can claim the Feng Shui site, hopefully get an advancement, and move along to Celeste.


Mooks (Psycho Siblings)

Martial Arts: 9, Defense: 13, Speed: 5

Featured Foes:

Claw Hand: Lean, hands from ceiling, stringy hair.
Martial Arts 13, Defense 13, Tou 5, Speed 8
Cyclical Flow: Damage = shot number +5.

Toxie: Huge, boils, leaks fluids.
Martial Arts 14, Defense 12, Tou 6, Speed 5
Rock Hard: Heroes making successful unarmed attacks take 2 Wound points.
Punch: 8 damage

Skinny Boy: Carries a bow with poison or burning arrows, annoying giggle.
Guns 14, Defense 13, Tou 5, Speed 7
Stunt Stopper: When a hero announces a stunt, 3 shots to attack that hero. 
Arrows: 8

Cookie: Chef's apron, big nasty knife, makes jokes about eating people. 
Martial arts: 13, Defense 12, Tou 5, Speed 6
Tongue Grab: Spend 1 shot, bring hero from ranged to close distance.
Knife: 9

McGee: Looks suspiciously normal, then out comes the MOUTHS IN HIS CHEST.
Martial Arts: 14, Defense 12, Tou 6, Speed 5
Energy Drain: +2 attack if any hero spends a Fortune point since his last attack.
Bites: 8


Psycho-Si: Guns 16, Defense 15, Tou 8, Speed 8
Auto Rearm
Back to the Wall: If attacked by more than one character, shot cost of standard action drops to 2. 
Skull-mounted goggles: +3 to initiative while belew 20 WP.
Anti-Tech: +1 Defense vs. Guns, Mutant, and Scroungetech.
Guns: 14