Monday, January 2, 2017

Feng Shui Notes: Sooo Sleeeepy

Thanks a sudden burst of anxiety last night before bed, I didn't sleep well, so I'm a little zombified today. I am, however, still going to run Feng Shui tonight, at least for a bit, and then we make fuck off and watch A Good Day to Die Hard. But before that!

Last time, we lost Johnny to the mindless violence that is the Future Juncture. Today we're adding in his mother, Chrys "Dani California" Archer. We know we're in the Future Juncture, still, and the characters were headed to a Feng Shui site that Chrys was guarding along with Si Borg sometime before when Johnny was born.

Today, I want a decent fight scene, but I also have to make use of the freaking vehicle rules. OK. I want a fight by a river. Maybe on a river. That'll be fun. So let's say that the river leads to the Nukem Falls, tainted by years of nuclear radiation, and at the base of the falls is the home of Pycho Siblings, a clan of irradiated mutant creatures that hold the Feng Shui site (a cavern behind the falls). The River Pirates, though, are the ones we're contending with today. The characters arrive just as Chrys and a band of her road warriors are negotiating with Captain Belle Reaver the Pirates for safe passage down the river. Part of the tension has been that Reaver and Tang/Borg didn't get along, but with Borg dead and Tang vanished...oh, shit, there's Tang, now. BRING THE RUCKUS.

So, this fight is mostly about a) testing out the vehicle rules, b) introducing the River Pirates and Belle Reaver, c) getting Wildfire to fall over the Falls, and d) having a quick fight between pals that carries no risk of death before the abject horror that is the Psycho Siblings. Actually, hell, when the fight starts, we'll have Wildfire jump onto the boat, have the Pirates capture him, and zoom! Off down the river! Must have some kind of inhibitor tech.

As such:

River Pirates:
Attack/Driving: 8 Defense: 13 Speed: 5
Machete (9), pistols (10)

Belle Reaver:
Driving 13 Guns/Martial Arts: 12 Defense: 13 Toughness: 6 Speed: 7
Custom pistol (11), sword (10)
Ablative Lackey: As long as 1 mook is up, when she takes WP, 1 mook goes down and she takes 0.
Armor-Plated: +2 Frame to her boat.

I'm not adding any other feature foes, because I want this to be fairly fast and light. But let me read the vehicles and see if I still feel that way. Ok, I don't feel that way. Instead, we're gonna have several boats, the biggest one with Belle Reaver on it. Since the PCs are chasing the Pirates, they're the pursuers. Chrys can have a couple of mooks with her that can ride boats (meaning the Dragons better get off those boats before the Pirates take them out).

So let's say 15 mooks in four boats.

Four personal watercraft, for a total of six mooks. Acc 6 Handling 6 Squeal 8 Frame 7 Crunch 9

One cigarette boat, three mooks. Acc 7 Handling 6 Squeal 8 Frame 6 Crunch 8

Modified Powerboat. Four mooks plus Belle. Acc 7 Handling 6 Squeal 8 Frame 8 Crunch 10.

OK, let's see how this works.