Monday, December 26, 2016

Marvel Heroic Notey Things

I'm running Marvel Heroic today. It's a one-shot, because Michelle's younger son is in town and wanted to play a supers game, and it's Marvel because it meant that since Toasty and Michelle's older son already have characters that provide a handy framework for an event, in theory, I wouldn't have to do as much work on game prep.

The truth of the matter, of course, is that between finishing up end-of-year work-stuff (which was minimal but inflexible as far as time went), finishing up Beast Player's Guide redlines, and the Xmas, I didn't wind up having a lot of that time. We were gonna make it a two-session game, but last week I just hadn't had time and I was under the weather (stupid POTS). So here we are.

This can't be a terribly long Event; we're talking two Action Scenes, maybe three if they're short. I also don't have time to pull out a bunch of datafiles for villains. I do, however, seem to recall that Grimoire, one of the villains in No More Heroes, my last MHR Event, got sucked away to hell or something. The central conceit of this Event is that Arcanix assembles a bunch of magic-aspected heroes to deal with a mystical threat to Earth, so Grimoire would actually be a kind of fun villain to use. Our premise, then, is Grimoire attempts to bring hell to Earth.

Grimoire isn't really Grimoire anymore. He's merged with a number of malevolent, supernatural beings, and they've corrupted his ideals; he's now interested in scouring the world of most life and letting the demons rule. The first thing he did we destroy Krampus' workshop (figuring that Krampus' magi-tech could stop him) and send some demons to animate Krampus' suit. That'll be a good first Action Scene, because the heroes can stop the animated suit and rescue Krampus, and learn about what happened, and then we can have a transition scene to use Krampus' magitech (along with Arcanix' powers) to track down or portal to Grimoire's lair. Neat.

So we've got one Act, which is fine. And we'll have it happening on December 5th, Krampusnacht, because that'll mislead the heroes into thinking it's Krampus as the big bad.

I'm not gonna bother with unlockables. It's just a one-shot. So, OK, first scene is Arcanix explaining that there's a massive blast of mystical energy that came from a remote location in the German forests. They can portal there and fight Krampus' suit and a bunch of mechanical "demons", and then rescue Jurgen himself; he can tell them what happened, but he doesn't know where Grimoire is, only that if the heroes don't find and stop him by midnight, it'll be too late.

Transition scene to find Grimoire, then they can portal in to...let's see, pocket realm or real-world area? I don't want St. Louis. Let's have the demon's amassing in the frozen wastes of the north, crawling out the perma-frost. Then the heroes can take down the demons and defeat Grimoire and save the world, with several weeks to spare before Xmas!

OK, so I need stats for the Krampus' animated suit, stats for a mob of robo-demons, and stats for a mob of actual demons. No sweat.