Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Marvel Heroic: Krampusnacht

Last night we played the one-shot! And had cocoa!

First, meet some characters:

  • Arcanix, played by Toasty, the mechanical Sorcerer Supreme of this world. He's now removed himself from human society entirely.
  • Psion, played by Al. Lucas Lindquist, having been cut off from his family, has retreated to Arcanix' sanctum to learn the ways of magic. 
  • Kata, played by Will. Max Bignns learned the magic of the elements from Master Tau, and is now wandering the world searching for his surname's missing vowel, I guess.
  • Juno, played by Sarah. Juno Garrett is a public defender from New York, who inherited a magic bracelet that lets her heal people's wounds and create force fields. She's still figuring out this whole "hero" thing.
  • Rift, played by Michelle. Laura Kensington is the best small-animal vet in Detroit. She's also able to reach into the infinite multiverse and pull out anything she needs...including multiple versions of herself. 
  • Visioncat, played by Amanda. Cora Price is a museum curator who accidentally cut her hand and bled on a statue of Bast. Now Bast visits her and grants her visits, but also the ability to put terrifying illusions into others' heads. 
Arcanix collects these magical heroes on the afternoon of December 5th, and explains - he's detected a powerful surge of magical energy coming from the Black Forest in Germany, miles (or kilometers, I guess) from where anyone lives. He's not sanguine about checking it out himself; his visions have shown dire portents should he try, or some such mystical talk. That's where the heroes come in. 

Rift views the multiverse for clues and sees demonic fire, hears wicked laughter and smells brimstone. Something's up, but she's created Echoes d6 for her trouble. Kata, likewise, asks about what might be out there and learns that tonight is Krampusnacht...and Psion and Arcanix know a fellow who calls himself Krampus (History Lesson d6). 

Arcanix opens a portal, and the heroes step out into the cold German night...into chaos. They find several buildings, all burning or destroyed, and mystical fire blazes. Juno rushes in to see if anyone needs help, and Psion follows. The other four, though, notice eyes glittering from the trees, and then robotic demon-monsters attack! 

Arcanix punches one, while Rift brings in multiple versions of herself from other timelines to fight them. Visioncat tries to instill visions in the demons, but fails (apparently this doesn't work on robots). Kata uses the Way of Earth to throw rocks at them.

Meanwhile, Psion and Juno reach a destroyed building...just in time for Krampus himself to erupt from the rubble. Psion, who knows Krampus to be a man of principle, yells at him to ask what's going on, and Krampus responds by mocking him (without his usual German accent) and blasting him with mystical fire. This rolls right off Psion, who is largely invulnerable, but makes the situation worse.

Juno, who doesn't use her powers to harm, searches the rubble and hears a cry for help. She creates a wedge with her force field and frees an old man, trapped under the debris. 

The others kind of switch places and drift over to fight Krampus, while Psion wreaks havoc amidst the robo-demons. Arcanix imprisons him with magical energy, while Rift peers into his soul and realizes that the armor is possessed. Vision cat strikes with a vision to calm him, but she sees that vision herself - what would calm him is the fiery destruction of earth. 

Rift turns her attention to the fire and tries to bring water through her portals, but fails and makes it worse, and her World Gate power fails her. Arcanix brandishes his might as the Sorcerer Supreme, frightening the demon, and the Krampus-armor collapses...it's empty!

Kata switches to Way of Water to help put out the fires, and the heroes talk to the man in the debris. He introduces himself as Jurgen von Drescher...but some know him as Krampus! He tells the heroes that Grimoire, the mystical vigilante that Arcanix and Psion battled in St. Louis some months back, showed up with a horde of demons at his back. He was clearly possessed, but much more powerful for it. He'd planned on scouring the world in fire, but Jurgen wasn't sure where they'd gone. 

Deciding that they'd need all the help they could get, Arcanix, Psion, and Rift work together to quickly build a set of Krampus-armor that Jurgen could use, made from spare magitech lying around and pieces that Rift pulled from other realities. Kata consults with the air, and felt the cold north wind, while Visioncat consults with Bast. She confirms that the demons were at the north pole, but tells Visioncat that she needs to help to confront these foes...but when the vision fades, Visioncat noted she is standing with her comrades. Perfect!

Arcanix opens a portal again, and the heroes stepp out at the north pole (Rift pulls a coat from nowhere for Juno, who isn't dressed for this). They see demonic fire up ahead, and decide to split up. Psion, heedless of his master's warnings, charges ahead, and sees Grimoire hovering above rents in the permafrost, watching as demons crawl from the earth. He leaps at him and punches him into a crevasse, but Grimoire hovers out and the demons grab Psion and hold him. Grimoire shows him the world on fire (inflicting emotional stress) and asks where the "Sorcerer Supreme" is. 

Good entrance spot! The other heroes appear. Rift tries to close the rents in the earth, but fails. Kata calls on the Way of Water to use snowmelt to wash the demons away, and Visioncat uses her power to force them to fight each other. Juno throws up a huge force field for people to hide behind; Grimoire rains down fire upon the heroes and the demons swarm over them, but Arcanix weakens Grimoire's magic and Rift causes the demons to become vulnerable by weakening their connection to the world. Kata closes the rents in the earth, preventing more demons from coming through, and Arcanix manacles Grimoire to the ground. 

Visioncat makes the demons see Grimoire as their enemy, and they swarm him, dragging him down, but the heroes are unwilling to let him die thus. Juno, breaking her rule about using her bracelet offensively, blasts demons away from Grimoire, and Psion leaps in to finish the job. The rents seal themselves, and Grimoire lies unconscious...and Krampus lands, pointing his weapons at Grimoire.

Juno intercedes and tells Krampus that while Grimoire did wrong, this isn't his fault; he was possessed. Rift pulls exorcism materials from nowhere, and Arcanix, taking a very efficient robotic approach, just disables the armor that Krampus is wearing. 

The heroes complete the exorcism, and Grimoire, now with his left eye pure white, awakens, wondering where he is and what happened. Arcanix opens a portal to take everyone back to civilization, and the world is saved!