Sunday, December 4, 2016

Character Creation: Storytime Chimera

Got to about 3PM today before all my energy just...went away. Whee! Anyway, this is easy and I can keep my streak going.

The Game: Storytime Chimera
The Publisher: OJO Games
Degree of Familiarity: Some. I ran a session the other night in preparation to write a review.
Books Required: Just the one.

Storytime Chimera is a game designed to tell fable-like bedtime story adventures for kids. I, as you can imagine, am a fan of this concept. Let's make a character!

First up, I create a name and a story. My story is basically my character's concept and role; in player, it lowers my difficulty on rolls if I act within it. Hmm.

I kinda think it'd be fun to play a mute character, mostly because when I ran this one of the characters summoned a water spirit and I played it mute, doing charades to pass along information. But I want to play a person. My character is a monk, a member of the Order of the First Raindrop. They believe in communing with nature and stilling the outer voice to find the inner one. My character's name is Brother Amber (he wears an amber stone around his neck, so he can point to it to introduce himself). His story is "Monk trying to achieve communion with all life, and teach others the value of listening."

Now I choose a flaw. I think Amber is easily entranced. He'll sit for hours staring at marching ants or counting the strands in a spider-web.

Now I get a hobby. This is just something Amber likes to do. I think he collects rocks. Maybe he's building a stone Tarot.

Stats! There are only 3, and I get 6 points to split up (the book actually lists out all the different possible combinations, which seems unnecessary to me). It's just Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence (which I think could have been titled better, because they're much broader than those terms would indicate). I think I'll put Strength at 1, Dexterity at 2, and Intelligence at 3.

Skills! Again, I get three points, though the book talks about Generalist/Expert/Specialist, but the math is the same. The relevant question is, do I wish to put a point in Magicking, which would allow me to cast spells? I think not. I'll take Making, Knowing, and Sneaking as my Skills.

Gear and Wealth. Ugh, my least favorite part of chargen: shopping. I get 12 supplies (which are things that get consumed in play) and 6 gear (helpful equipment). I'll take 3 food, 3 water, 2 match bundles, 2 units of oil, and 2 healing potions for supplies. For gear, I'll take a pocket knife, a staff, a lantern, a spyglass, some rope, and a rock hammer (for shaping and polishing rocks, also handy for escaping Shawshank prison).

And that's it, really!