Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Board Game: Code Names

Another holiday party, another game to add to the list!

The Game: Code Names
The Publisher: Czech Games
Players: Me, +Michelle+Dirty+Jonathan, Melissa, Megan, +Julia+Misha+Aaron
Time: About 10 minutes per round

Game Play: Code Names requires teams; we had enough for two teams of four, which is about right. One team is red, one's blue, and each team requires a "spymaster." The game board is a 5x5 grid of cards (in the picture), each of which has a single word on it. The two spymasters (and no one else) can see a square card that indicates which of the cards correspond to which colors (some red, some blue, some beige, and one black).

The them of the party this year was "attractive people in hats."

The spymaster then says one word and a number, indicating "there are (number) cards on the board relating to (word)." The other teammates then guess words corresponding to the words in the grid, one at a time, and the spymaster puts a card on the word they guess. If you can pick up what the spymaster is puttin' down, as it were, you guess the right words. It's also possible to guess the other team's words, the beige cards (which are just neutral) or the black card (insta-loss for the team that does it).
Contemplation 2. 
Opinions: This is a really simple, awesome party game. It doesn't rely on being horrible like Cards Against Humanity and it doesn't ask a lot of creative thought like Channel A, which means you can play it while drinking. Like a lot of similar games, it draws on you familiarity with the people on your team and how they think, but it also requires that you think about what other cards are on the board ("mallort 2" might be great to get people to guess "alcohol" and "regret," but what if "poison" is on the board but isn't your team's word?).

A tied game.
Keep? Yep!