Sunday, November 27, 2016

Game prep! Oh, myyyy!

Back at the table and high on life. Let's prep some games!

I don't have a lot of philosophical blather this time, so I will instead link this poem I recorded over on Soundcloud. It's "The Hangman" by Maurice Ogden, it's one of my favorite poems, and I felt it was kinda topical. I linked it before, but I'm just filling space now so that my players don't click on this and see something they shouldn't.

Good? Good. On we go.

Night's Black Agents

Last time, there was gunplay and dead people, and then the PCs all fucked off to Monaco and decided to head back to Serbia. Now, they've been there fairly recently (they left here), but what's interesting is that they never learned some of the juicier stuff about Bugarcic; to wit, that he flew to Wardenclyffe two years ago.

Now, they've noted the Tesla connection before, but it'd be interesting to see them get more into that. They're coming at this from the hospital, which isn't going to tell them much about Bugarcic (certainly they can't learn about his travels there), but if they search his office or his records at the museum, they could.

The hospital, though. What's there for them to find? They left behind a live dude in Paris, so that guy has been shown information and throughly pumped - basically, I think that we can assume the conspiracy knows who these people are, now. And that's bad because it gives them more vectors to come at the agents from. However, they've gotten smarter about Contacts, so I've only got a couple of folks to choose from. Let's try Marta Serabrunn, Parker's old college buddy. Needed a 1, got a 6, lol nope. She's fine.

Well, I think the conspiracy is digging into the PCs and trying to figure them out, and that means they might anticipate them going to Belgrade Hospital (since they have a manifest of what was supposed to be on that plane and what the agents took). As such, Ava sets up a watch with a bunch of mercs. The conspiracy knows that the agents like to have sniper's perches, so they watch likely areas and set up counter-snipes, and they know that they like to use souped-up vans and getaway routes, so they have chasers waiting and dudes with high-powered guns to shoot out tires.

The agents might be able to dodge all of this if they take high precautions to avoid being seen while in Belgrade; the conspiracy can't sustain this level of involvement for long. But seriously, when are they ever that careful?

So at the hospital, they can find samples, but they already tainted - Kingsilver has the original samples and is planning on delivering them to Sas in Budapest. That would be a good "it's a trap" moment, but I really do want them to find out about Wardenclyffe, too, so they need to get back to the museum. Hopefully they'll think of it; probably that's where Kingsilver met with Hajnal (I figure Hajnal was in town setting shit up).

East Texas University

Last time (which was also the first time!) I ran this, it was a lot of milling about and foreshadowing. Part of the problem with this particular group is that they're very reactive, so they need a game setup that forces them to take action. They did pretty well at interacting, and they got proactive toward the end, so that was good. 

Doug has Trouble Magnet at Major, and Josh has the Annoying Roommate Hindrance (only Minor). Josh's roommate is (ha!) also a Trouble Magnet. How to make this work?

Well, we know so far that the campus security guy that picked up the office-thief (and was flirting with Lula), as well as Andy, Josh's classmate, are in the cult. I think Josh's roommate doesn't have to be in the cult, but I think it'd be interesting if he ran afoul of someone who was. I'd like a fight scene in this session, and I'd kinda like something a bit more overtly supernatural. Hmm.

OK, so the prof in the sociology department is Dora Ammit, and she's supposed to be the victim. The thief (his name is Reese Hebren) gets let out as soon as the campus cop (Peter Lopez) gets out of sight of the PCs. Lopez begs Suez for another shot, but this time he breaks into Ammit's house. That'll happen Thursday during the day while everyone's in class. 

Josh's roommate is named Donnie Gayle. Donnie is accident prone and just all kinds of trouble, and Thursday night, he's off campus on Greek Row at a party and spots Low Shoulder. He texts everyone (including the PCs) and tells them about the party, with the result that the party gets out of control (so maybe a brawl with frat boys or something, if I can make it not cheesy). And that'll work for Trouble Magnet for Doug, too, because a cultist can mistake him for another member or a frat boy can say "You cooing my bird?" or whatever. Sounds good.