Sunday, November 20, 2016

Feng Shui Prep

So, here's where I blather a bit I get into the meat of things. I don't honestly have much to say because I basically burned myself out making that character for that bloody awful game. Is that enough blather? I think perhaps it is.

(Seriously, I would normally talk about why the level of granularity that would lead one to make a skill called "Well-Digging" is a bad thing, but a) I think it's kind of obvious and b) I don't have the wherewithal.)

Ok, so, last time there was a fight, of course, and then the characters hooked up with Errol and his band of Merry Monkeys, had a brief skirmish, and have now banded together to go after Thrill Kill Mandrill and his kooky folks. 

So, let's be cards-on-table, here. This should end with the characters seeing Leon come back to life, laugh maniacally, and vanish, but that means infiltrating Thrill Kill's machine. So let's proceed in three stages, because that'll mean three fights. 

Stage One: Outer Marker

Setting: Woods, guard posts. 

A group of mook-monkeys, plus an overboss. 

Ape Mooks (18): Guns 13 Martial Arts 12 Defense 12 Toughness 6 Speed 7

Albrecht: Crazy gibbon with a white streak in his fur.  Martial Arts 14 Defense 13 Toughness 5 Speed 8  Schtick: Mach Schnell! All mooks get +3 Initiative while he's up. 

Erroll's folks take down two mooks per turn. 

Stage Two: Outer Marker

Setting: Opening fight of Age of Ultron. Deeper woods, but concrete under the streets. Decaying buildings. Machine-gun nest. 

Ape Mooks (15): Guns 13 Martial Arts 12 Defense 12 Toughness 6 Speed 7

Drunky the Monkey (small, nimble, carries a flask) Martial Arts 14 Defense 13 Toughness 5 Speed 8
Copycat: After missing a Dodging Hero, +2 to Defense until next keyframe

Silverback (huge honking gorilla, looks like Smilin' Bill but does not smile): Martial Arts 15 Defense 12 Toughness 8 Speed 5 Furious Wrath: If his last attack misses, his next one gets +1 Attack and +3 Damage.

Ba-boom (baboon with a grenade launcher): Guns 13 Defense 14 Toughness 5 Speed 7 Explosive Vest: When he goes down all nearby heroes take a Smackdown of 12. Damage on launcher: 15, plus 10 to anyone nearby.

Sneaky Monkey (tiny colobus with a thin sword): Martial Arts 14 Defense 14 Toughness 4 Speed 8 Don't Turn Your Back: +2 Attack if hasn't been attacked since he last attacked.

Slugger-an-utan (orangutan with a big club): Martial Arts 13 Defense 13 Toughness 7 Speed 5 Kneecapper: If he hits with an Outcome of 3 or more, hero loses 3 Speed until end of fight.

Stage Three: The Lab

The lab contains Thrill Kill Mandrill and his flunkies. This should be a hard fight, but Thrill Kill Mandrill has Si Borg's notebook. Foes:

Ape Mooks (15): Guns 13 Martial Arts 12 Defense 12 Toughness 6 Speed 7

Smilin' Bill (gorilla, hot jacket, flashy smile) Guns 14 Defense 13 Toughness 7 Speed 5 Inspire Fanaticism: When weapon-wielding hero announces an attack, spend 1 shot as interrupt. One mook goes down, roll a die. Odd, attack nullified and hero is Disarmed. 

Dr. Zabbity (orangutan in a lab coat): Mutant 13 Defense 12 Toughness 6 Speed 5 Hot Metal: On a hit, hero drops weapon or takes -2 attack until next keyframe.

Plus any Featured Foes from previous fights, plus Ape Mask Replicant. Do I need more? I submit that I do not.

The notebook talks about Si Borg and Johnny's mother. Johnny's mother was a kickass warrior of the wasteland, but was from the contemporary juncture. All we know, though, is that Johnny saw her fighting. So I think Si includes notes on a place of power, that he left Johnny's mother in charge of protecting. That can be off in the distance, across the bridge, guarded by mad apocalypse folk of some kind, because that's the next segment anyway.

I don't want them to fight Leon, here, I just want Leon to appear and then vanish.

Sounds good!