Saturday, November 26, 2016

Feng Shui: Dimly Hazily Recollected Memories of Monday

Monday was Feng Shui and I really, really did intend to do the write-up on Tuesday, but then I flew to Oklahoma and spent much of my free time redlining a Beast book, so it didn't get done. So here we are.

The Dragons, having bested Errol and his Cheerful Chimps and battle, decided to join forces with them and head into the trees to take on Thrill Kill Mandrill and his peeps. Errol warns them that fortress is well-guarded, but that he and his Chimps will help. They come upon a suspicious-looking clearing and Johnny, ever the master of stealth, strides in confidently and declares his presences.

Whereupon a hail of arrows, bullets, and rocks come flying at Johnny. He isn't harmed (because mooks), but the battle is joined.

This battle is mostly mook-monkeys, but since they're all attacking at a distance, whenever they attack, they attack in a volley and someone gets hurt. Tang and Wildfire take some shots to the torso from arrows, Bai leaps up into trees and starts kicking monkeys out - and also mixes it up with Albrect, a huge gibbon with a swatch of white fur, who swings around on vines and mimics the style of who he's fighting (monkey see, monkey do!).

The characters, aided by some off-screen arrows from Errol, defeat the monkeys (though Albrecht escapes). Regrouping, Errol tells them that once they pass the second marker, the Cheerful Chimps can no longer help. He shows them a Simian Army tattoo and claims that an explosive underneath it will detonate if he crosses the second marker. Tang doesn't necessarily buy it, but they part ways (and he gives Johnny a bow and some arrows).

The Dragons approach the second marker, and now they're in the ruins of Hong Kong - they recognize this block. They're near Genomic Solutions, where they fought Thrill Kill Mandrill way back here. The Dragons, in the trees, look across to see monkeys on buildings, monkeys in the streets - man, so many monkeys. They note, in particular, a huge silverback gorilla who looks like a badass...and Drunky Monkey (Bai's lip curls with hatred).

Celeste, figuring that it's better to get the drop on them, shoots one, misses, and everything goes whack-a-ding-hoy.

The monkeys attack, launching arrows and bullets at the Dragons, and Wildfire is the only one who's healed up. The Dragons also don't have much in the way of distance attacks (Celeste has her gun, sure, but that's about it). Bai leaps into the fray and engages with Drunky Monkey, leading to this delightful back-and-forth where he stabbed Bai, Bai pulls the knife out of his own shoulder and stabs Drunky, who screeches, pulls out the knife, and stabs Bai back.

Wildfire jumps down from the tree and engages Silverback, only to take a whack to the knee from Slugger-angutan and his huge club. Meanwhile, Sneaky Monkey, a tiny colobus with a sharp sword, creeps down and stabs Wildfire, but Johnny enters the fray and locks up with monkey (and Sneaky just can't get a shot in on Johnny to save his life).

Tang teleports in to help Wildfire with the gorilla, but then the other major player in this fight show himself: Bab-BOOM! Bab-boom is a baboon with a grenade launcher and a total lack of regard for his friends, and he damages a lot of the Dragons throwing explosives around. In particular, he blows Tang through a wall and straight out of the fight (the player, playing the odds for once in his life, elected to stay down rather than risk multiple Marks of Death).

Noting that the Dragons were slowly whittling through the mooks and damaging the leaders, though, the monkeys elected to run. Silverback, Sneaky, Drunky, and Bab-boom fled successfully, but Wildfire caught Slugger and tore out his throat. The Dragons helped Tang to his feet; he was stunned, but alive.

But in the distance, over the main building, they saw a storming brewing up, and Bai sensed evil sorcery. What business are those monkeys doing!?