Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vikings Fighting a Monster

Well, in fairness, the monster in question was a big mechanical wolf, not the sort of monster you'll find in our brand new Kickstarter for a supplement for Chill Third Edition!!!!! But still.

Monday was the conclusion of our Iron Edda game; here's the first bit. Following the summoning of the dwarves last time, the characters spring into action.

Ragnar goes in search of the rune-bag in the standing stones, which means he has to face the wolves. He does honorable battle with them, knocking them away with his magic hammer, and the standing stones fall. He emerges victorious, and presents the bag to the Jarl, who tells him to keep the magic runes. He earned them, after all.

Solvi tosses a bunch of henbane into the fire and passes out in a hallucinatory haze. She sees the world as a blasted, flat plain. A raven lands on her shoulder and speaks in Odin's voice. She asks for a blessing on Helga and Rune (the bond-bonded warriors), and Odin asks why he should bless them; they're wearing giants, after all. She tells him that they're protecting their people using the best means at their disposal, and Odin eventually agrees.

Helga, for her part, takes on her bones and begins moving beehives around, creating a perimeter farther away from Byheim. Even if the bees don't hurt the dwarves, she figures it'll be a good early warning system. Aegir, following similar logic, takes some bottles and fills them with live bees, creating bee-bombs.

Finally, Rune prays by the Guardian Stone, asking for the gods' help. He hears a peaceful voice asking what he's looking for, and he responds "peace," though he's prepared for war in order to get it. A different, sly-er voice asks if he wouldn't just rather have the power to crush his enemies, but he sticks to his guns, and Balder asks for a libation. He pours some mead out on the stone and it starts to glow.

And just then, the bees respond sound of town. Helga is there in a few steps, with the others close behind (except Solvi, who was shaking off the effects of the drugs and was therefore slow). They found a small troop of dwarven spiders, zipping through the trees and headed for Byheim. Helga, not quite fast enough to crush on, flopped down in front of them to block them. Ragnar and Rune jumped into battle (Rune not bother with his bones yet), but the spiders were fast and dodged around their attacks. Eventually, though, Rune smashed one with his staff, and Ragnar crushed on with his hammer. I'm reasonably sure Helga smooshed one in her giant hand, but I can't actually remember. I do know that afterwards, they scouted around the area, figuring that this was just wave one.

And they were right. The Automata arrived from the west, seven-foot mechanical people. They scaled the walls into Byheim proper, and one of them attacked the still. Rune took on the bones and headed into battle, arriving just after Helga, and the group of them fought - Aegir smashed one of his bee-bottles on an Automaton, blinding it, and Ragnar pounded it with his hammer. Solvi interred another one with her earth magic, Helga bured it, and Solvi super-heated it, melting it to slag.

That, of course, was just the second wave. The Devourer was coming. The characters looked to the distance and saw the head of an immense mechanical wolf rising, knocking down trees, and they knew they had to stop it before it flattened their town.

They charged into battle. Ragnar wound up on the thing's head. Rune grabbed its muzzle and kept it from biting, and Solvi called up vines to tangle it. Ragnar smacked one eye and cracked it, and Helga hit the other one. Aegir tossed bees up its nose, and Rune managed to flip it over. Helga wrenched its back leg off and jammed the leg into the works, grinding the gears to a halt and blowing the thing up.

The Mecha-Fenris nothing but parts, the traders from Jgol took payment for the weapon they'd given Helga from the scrap metal, and went on their way. Now that the source of the plague was clear, Aegir and Solvi could cure it. Ragnar returned the rune-bag to the stones, feeling he didn't need it anymore. And Rune walked off into the distance, feeling it was time to move on from Byheim.